Tom Baker

Author of Haunted Indianapolis , Indiana Ghost Folklore, Scary Urban Legends, Midwest Maniacs, Midwest UFOs and Beyond, Scary Urban Legends, 50 Famous Fables and Folk Tales Notorious Crimes of the Upper Midwest : 

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The Other, Other (Other) White Meat
7 months ago
In the ancient Greek story of Tantalus, the ancient Greek Tantalus invited all the ancient Greek gods to what, we must assume, was a dinner comprised of dishes eaten exclusively by ancient Greeks. Bec...
Death Faces
8 months ago
I've done a number of drawings, portraits of the depraved. Also, some clowns, but, I suppose they could be one in the same. Usually, I am drawing whatever ghost is lurking in the eager confines of my ...
The Old-Time Bad Girls
8 months ago
As you all full well know, mankind is utter shit. Furthermore, this isn't a new development. Even when he's "good," he's bad. We can beat our breasts all we want about the inhumanity and cruelty of vi...
The Undying Love of Count von Cosel
9 months ago
Ten years ago, I wrote my novel Buried (2008) about a curious case of "forbidden love" that took place many, many decades ago, in Key West Florida. The story, that of German immigrant "Count" Carl von...
Five Famous Necrophiles
10 months ago
The subject of necrophilia is one that is near and dear to my sordid spirit; there is something in the obsessive love for an idealized (albeit dead) paramour that strikes us as the very height of deep...