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Phil Cartwright17 hours ago
'Midnight Express'
Billy Hayes is an American writer, actor, and film director. He is best known for his autobiographical book Midnight Express about his experiences in and escape from a Turkish prison after being convi...
Maria Vikse2 days ago
10 Largest Diamond Heists
We assumed that the latter ones, so-called daredevils, were among those who could dare commit the largest diamond heists in the history. Let’s check this theory.
Ashley Smith3 days ago
The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell
It was December 6, 2009 when Susan Cox Powell was last seen alive. She had attended church with her two young children and was last seen when her neighbor left her house that evening around 5:00 PM. T...
Grant Patterson4 days ago
Incident on Train L-112​
It’s a sad truth of the law enforcement profession: sometimes, we aren’t very sympathetic to the victims of crime. “Guy leaves his laptop on the table while he goes to the can? With all his work on it...
SKYLERIZED 5 days ago
Reason First: Is Benzino a Racist?
It’s one thing to spew hatred on the media landscape to match the directions of radio stations, television channels, and websites. But with respected figures like Benzino, he should have had greater s...
Paisley Hansen6 days ago
5 Simple Ways to Avoid Theft
Even though you may live in a relatively safe area, you could still be at risk of theft. There have been many videos that have gone viral of package thieves who are constantly stealing valuable Amazon...
Davyd Style7 days ago
A Good Beating
Blood, my blood runs like water down my chin; dripping into a puddle on the crotch of my jeans, pooling right behind that awkward fold that the zipper makes that looks like a boner. How long have I be...
My Review of 'The Mule'
I was a little apprehensive when my girlfriend suggested watching The Mule. I didn't know much about it, but if it's a Clint Eastwood movie I think I've probably seen it already. Usually his movie's a...