Phoenixx Fyre Dean

I am a wife, mom and Grammy before I'm anything else. I'm an American Patriot and a believer in the Constitution. I write true crime, erotic horror, BDSM, political and social pieces. 

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Bad Cops
2 days ago
Law enforcement officers are a critical part of maintaining law and order in a vicious world. Their jobs are not easy, and I'm quite sure this author would not want the undertaking. The dangers law en...
Something Wicked (Part 3)
3 months ago
Evansville, Indiana, is the home of the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Pizza King? Best Stromboli, ever. Zesto's? Let me lay out the picture for you. Your take-out order is handed to you...
Something Wicked (Part 2)
3 months ago
Aleah Beckerle was a nineteen-year-old disabled young woman with a beautiful smile, and a passion for life. Her young life was cut short when she was kidnapped from her home, raped, and killed. Eight ...
Something Wicked (Part 1)
3 months ago
Something Wicked This Way Comes was written by Ray Bradbury in 1963. It tells the story of teenaged boys, who are enticed by a traveling carnival that comes to their town. It's a nightmarish experienc...
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 7)
4 months ago
People die every day. A drug dealer shot on the corner, a drive-by intended for the neighbor that killed the toddler playing in your front yard, cancer, overdoses, and natural death all happens in thi...
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 6)
4 months ago
If you have ever been to Evansville, Indiana, you know there are some undeniable things that are specific to the city. You will notice there are stoplights at just about every intersection, earning Ev...