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I'm Peter,born in 1966 and from Belgium. Married with Veronika.Two lovely kids,Karolien & Filip.I'm a big movie-fan.That's why I created a blog.It's fun writing for it.Leave a comment there.That'll make my day :)

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'Avengement' (2019)
19 days ago
So…prison turned you into a stone-cold killer, did it? Nah, prison didn’t. You and my brother did. I’ve just seen the Philippine revenge film Maria, in which a beautiful woman beats up everyone she en...
'The Outsider' (2018)
19 days ago
When you dishonor your boss and you want to show remorse, you give your finger. It’s called otoshimae. I see you’ve got all your fingers. Even though I don’t have any affinity with Japanese culture as...
'You Were Never Really Here' (2017)
a year ago
McCleary said you were brutal. I can be. I want you to hurt them. It’s not just the fact that defenseless young children are victims of unscrupulous people who use them in networks for pedophiles. The...
'Hunting Emma' (2017)
a year ago
Summary Gentle, beautiful, pacifist Emma witnesses a murder in the wild. Six violent men killing a cop in cold blood. So, they hunt her like an animal in the desolate Karoo. She should have been an ea...