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10 of the Creepiest Murder Cases You've Never Heard Of
2 months ago
Jack the Ripper. Elizabeth Bathory. Charles Manson. These are all names of some of the most famous serial killers to ever live. Truth be told, the names of high profile murderers always raise a little...
Top Classic True Crime Books You Must Read
3 months ago
True crime will always be one of the most popular genres to involve real history. It's dramatic, morbid, extreme, and always manages to show sides of humanity that we don't always see. This genre also...
Top 15 Best Selling Criminal Psychology Books
3 months ago
When most people read about murderers, rapists, and school shooters in the newspaper, it's hard to imagine them as people. It's hard to imagine that someone who could have been your neighbor do things...
Best Selling Forensic Psychology Books
3 months ago
For most people, there's something very unsettling about reading stories of infamous serial killers, gang members, and murderers. It's the reason why so many true crime books are addictive and why peo...
Facts About Organized Crime in The 1920s
4 months ago
The 1920s was a time when anything seemed possible in the underworld, and much of it was due to the illegalization of alcohol. Prohibition made the use of alcohol totally illegal, and that caused Amer...
Bands That Serial Killers Loved
4 months ago
Serial killers are a strange breed of criminal, and that's precisely why they are the most heavily studied criminal population in jail right now. Criminologists study everything about them from their ...