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10 Stories of White Collar Crime Run Amok
13 days ago
If you ask most people what a criminal looks like, acts like, or does, they will talk about what criminals stereotypically are. Criminals are supposed to look rough. They're supposed to be violent, un...
10 Disturbing Murders You Didn't Hear About on the News
25 days ago
Whether we like to admit it or not, there's something morbidly intriguing about stories featuring violent crime. Murderers and killers are real-life boogeymen who send chills down our spine and make u...
Murders That Inspired Ghost Stories
2 months ago
Ghost stories are as old as time itself, and for as long as humanity can remember, they often started the same way. For one reason or another, a person dies a tragic death, and they have to come back ...
10 of the Creepiest Murder Cases You've Never Heard Of
4 months ago
Jack the Ripper. Elizabeth Bathory. Charles Manson. These are all names of some of the most famous serial killers to ever live. Truth be told, the names of high profile murderers always raise a little...
Top Classic True Crime Books You Must Read
5 months ago
True crime will always be one of the most popular genres to involve real history. It's dramatic, morbid, extreme, and always manages to show sides of humanity that we don't always see. This genre also...
Top 15 Best Selling Criminal Psychology Books
5 months ago
When most people read about murderers, rapists, and school shooters in the newspaper, it's hard to imagine them as people. It's hard to imagine that someone who could have been your neighbor do things...