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Bands That Serial Killers Loved
3 days ago
Serial killers are a strange breed of criminal, and that's precisely why they are the most heavily studied criminal population in jail right now. Criminologists study everything about them from their ...
Serial Killers That Were Sexually Abused
7 days ago
It takes a very warped, twisted individual to become a serial killer. In most cases, you can tell when someone's a serial killer in the making because of warning signs. However, for every killer that ...
How Famous Serial Killers Chose Their Targets
a month ago
When we think of serial killers, we tend to see them as monsters who slice up people like it's no one else's business. We assume, often correctly, that they are predators that can only be stopped by p...
Serial Killer Calling Cards That Were Truly Terrifying
2 months ago
Serial killers are a strange group of criminals, which is precisely why they're the most heavily studied prison population in America. The studies they have been involved in have helped criminal inves...
Creepiest Books About Serial Killers
3 months ago
Serial killers are as close to real-life bogeymen as you can get. They commit heinous crimes that make them among the most notorious criminals out there. Most people who knew them never would guess th...
Creepiest Gifts for True Crime Fans
4 months ago
True crime is really, really intense as a genre. It's also one of the darkest forms of horror—primarily because it's true, and because the monsters in true crime are real people. That's why buying gif...