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Tainted Love: The Murder of Laci Peterson
5 days ago
Everyone knows that one couple that looks like a real-life Disney happily ever after. It's that couple never seems to tire of each other, that makes everyone feel a little happy inside, and somehow gi...
The Death of Superman: Who Killed George Reeves?
18 days ago
Underneath the beautiful veneer of pristine people was a world where sordid affairs, business intrigue, and mafia connections were alive and well. Ah, old world Hollywood—what a place! It was a place ...
The 10 Most Infamous Crimes of the 70s
23 days ago
If you have ever read true crime books or watched movies about serial killers, then you probably already know that the 1970s was a golden era of crime. Statistically, crime in the United State peaked ...
What Happened to Cult Leaders' Wives?
a month ago
When you read about killer cults and dangerous cult leaders like Charles Manson, it’s hard not to be fascinated. The kind of experiences that people have when they’re in cults are surreal, terrifying,...
What Happens to the Children of Famous Criminals?
a month ago
In most true crime books, or movies about serial killers, the story ends when the criminal gets sent to prison. For most people, this is true. The perp will no longer be claiming the lives of innocent...
10 Stories of White Collar Crime Run Amok
2 months ago
If you ask most people what a criminal looks like, acts like, or does, they will talk about what criminals stereotypically are. Criminals are supposed to look rough. They're supposed to be violent, un...