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Creepiest Books About Serial Killers
a month ago
Serial killers are as close to real-life bogeymen as you can get. They commit heinous crimes that make them among the most notorious criminals out there. Most people who knew them never would guess th...
Creepiest Gifts for True Crime Fans
2 months ago
True crime is really, really intense as a genre. It's also one of the darkest forms of horror—primarily because it's true, and because the monsters in true crime are real people. That's why buying gif...
The Mysterious Death of the Boy in the Box
3 months ago
In the world of criminal investigations, unidentified people are a rare but very possible occurrence. These people, often called John or Jane Doe by investigators, are people that no one recognizes. John and Jane Does are the people who slipped through the cracks of society. No one may have ever really known they existed, or, if they did, everyone just forgot about them. That alone is tragic, but the situation becomes even more dismal when you realize that many "Does" out there are bodies that b...
The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood
3 months ago
If you love classic movies, then you already have learned to love the work of Natalie Wood. She was, at one point, a cherished American treasure known for her wholesome acting career, her beautiful body, and one of the most stunning faces in classic cinema. Natalie Wood's roles involved major hit movies like Rebel Without A Cause, Miracle on 34th Street and, of course, West Side Story. Even in her later years, she was acclaimed and respected by the acting community — a feat that most of the Holl...
Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard About Serial Killers
3 months ago
Serial killers are real-life bogeymen for many people. That's why horror stories center around them, why we can't get enough studies about them, and why they seem to have their own unique way of strik...
True Crime Conspiracy Theories
3 months ago
Murder, for much of humanity, is a morbidly fascinating aspect of history. For many of us, it's mind-boggling to think that there are people out there who will murder innocents — and it's even scarier...