Mr. Davis

Horror-centric YouTuber who's looking to branch out a small bit. We'll try this out and see how it goes!

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Three Terrifying Satanic Crimes
2 months ago
"We all have a little evil in us."
Shocking Confessions After Acquittal
2 months ago
Sometimes justice lets a few slip through the cracks...
Terrifying Killer Couples
2 months ago
Love is a complicated emotion. It's one of the strongest emotions we can experience and when we’re under its control, we may sometime do things we didn’t know we were capable of. A mother or father co...
The Unsolved Case of Don Henry & Kevin Ives
5 months ago
Around 4 AM of August 23, 1987, a mile long train was traveling down the tracks to Bryant, Kansas. The engineer, Stephen Shroyer, noticed something on the tracks covered in what looked to be a green t...
"I Don't Like Mondays," the Story of Brenda Ann Spencer
6 months ago
I’ve debated with myself for months on whether or not to cover a case like this, but finally, I feel like I can cover it in a way that’s sensitive to those affected at the time of the crime and to tho...
The Story of Charles Whitman: The Texas University Tower Shooter
6 months ago
Charles Whitman has gone down in history as the University of Texas Tower Shooter. A man who served his country proudly and would eventually suffer from mental illness and bouts of extreme aggression,...