Morgan Georgia Blanks

Author of 'The Desert Island', a children's book published at eleven year's old. Been writing ever since. 

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Unbreakable Bond
7 months ago
Delilah knelt on the saturated ground in front of the weathering stone. She wanted to trace the engraved name with her fingertips, but each letter would only be a reminder of our disintegrating memori...
Guilty, Not Guilty (Part 1)
7 months ago
I’ve never forgotten her; it’s been eight years now. She must have changed, aged, perhaps even wrinkled. I can only remember the youthfulness of her face; the dimple on her right cheek when she smiled...
A Silhouette's Deception
7 months ago
He emerged from the obscurity of the alleyway, an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Freddie had never been one for smoking. He always found himself coughing too much, but he liked the way it l...