Kylee Darryl

I am a new passionate, open, creative writer finding my path.

When I Wore Blues, Pt III
a year ago
Part III Once I arrived at the medical department, it took about an hour for me to see the doctor because she was out to lunch. Once I saw the doctor, the nurses needed to give me an IV to get saline ...
The "Night Stalker:" A Story of Brutality, Murder, and Satanism
a year ago
Richard Ramirez was born February 29, 1960 in El Paso Texas to Julian Ramirez and Mercedes Ramirez. Richard was one of five children to Julian and Mercedes. When Ramirez was a child he developed epile...
When I Wore Blues
a year ago
I was 25-years-old when I was arrested. Before that, I grew up a normal life as Kylee Darryl. My parents, Carla and Don, divorced when I was eight-years-old. I moved eight times by the time I entered ...