Devin Louise

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Why the Death Penalty Is 100% Justified, Forty-Nine Years After One of the Most Infamous Acts of Domestic Terrorism
10 months ago
When we think of the death penalty, there are only two types of opinions. The first type views capital punishment as hypocritical and inhumane, which is understandable. The second viewpoint is that punishment by death is justified and fair in cases of murder and terrorism. One case that got people talking about the death penalty was the infamous Manson Family case; this case is now considered an act of domestic terrorism. Do mass murder and domestic terrorism warrant capital punishment? Yes they...
I Knew a Psychopath — Before I Knew What Psychopathy Was
2 years ago
Author’s Notes: This is solely from childhood experience. Individuals’ names have been changed for privacy. The saying “mothers know best” can be applicable in various scenarios, as any sane and functioning mother often has naturally instinctive tendencies. This holds true not just in animals, but with humans as well. How else would we know when our lives are in danger and how to react? Without them, how would any human being know that something is wrong? We wouldn’t be able to comprehend a dang...
1994 Executive Murders: Unsolved
2 years ago
1994 was a landmark year filled with news and pop culture events that made the world nearly stop turning. The Lion King, starring James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Whoopi Goldberg, graced ...