Andrew Wilson

A Lincolnian, I am now living in London.If you would like your ancestors tracing, please contact me. I have much experience of genealogy.

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Alison Shaughnessy (1969-1991)
a year ago
In March 1991, I returned to south London, having left my job in Norfolk, and I was living in the Clapham Junction area of Battersea. On the 3rd June that year, at approximately 6 PM, 21-year-old bank...
The Baader-Meinhof Group
a year ago
The killing, in 1967, by police, of an activist protesting against the visit of The Shah of Iran to Germany, persuaded Andreas Baader, a former juvenile delinquent, that the West German authorities of...
The Blackout Ripper
a year ago
Not since 1888, when east London was terrorised by the sadistic killer known as Jack the Ripper, had a comparable spate of killings occurred. In just six days in February 1942, when London, and the wh...
The 1953 Towpath Murders
a year ago
As Britain was preparing to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, just two days earlier, on the evening of Sunday, May 31, two teenage girls, who had cycled to meet three fri...
The Killing of Dagmar Petrzywalski
a year ago
Some years ago I remember watching an episode of the British TV series Foyle's War which concerned a murder in a small village in the midst of World War II. I always liked the detective in that series...