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Who Killed Me?

Chapter 3

Photo from (I do not own image).

I went home to see my parents crying through prayer in front of the family shrine. I hated that I was the cause of their pain.

When the police had questioned my family, my mother had told them that I left for the library around 6pm. However, whenever I told them I was going to the library, I was actually going to the waterfront or hanging out with Naveen or Kyle.

This day, of all days, I wish I hadn't lied to them.

I probably went to the waterfront to clear my head before meeting up with Naveen at prom. But then why was my body found at Bowdoin Park?

I can't think of any reason as to why I would go there. Bowdoin Park was behind the mall and I had already been in that area with Kyle earlier that day.

I went to the waterfront a few weeks after the initial incident, hoping that maybe being there would jog my memory.

Nothing came to me.

Then I noticed Naveen standing at the dock, looking up at the Mid-Hudson Bridge. He wiped his eye with the back of his hand. 

On the way back to his car, he noticed a glint on the gravel. It was the dragonfly necklace that Kyle bought me the day I was murdered. Naveen didn't know it was mine, so he left it there and kept walking towards his car.

I sighed. Okay, let's try something.

I picked up the necklace and threw it at his back.

He turned around, startled. No one was there. He looked at the necklace on the ground.

"Kristin?" he whispered, confused. A passerby figured he was talking to himself and gave a concerned look. Naveen smiled and waved awkwardly. “Great, I’m talking to myself… or maybe not?”

He picked up the necklace and brought it into his car. I followed taking a seat next to him.

He paused at the steering wheel, key in hand. “Okay, Kristin, if you’re here…if this is your necklace, give me a sign.” I revved the car engine.

Naveen nodded to himself and drove off.

He stopped his car at the police station and started to the building. As he turned the corner he knocked into Reuben.

“Sorry, man,” Rueben apologized and kept going.

“Reuben, man, what’s going on?”

“I just told them what I knew.” He responded and hurried away.

Naveen was stunned. Why was Reuben acting so strange?

He entered the precinct. “Hi, I need to speak with an officer on the Kristin Suzuki case.”

One of the detectives from Schetter’s office, Roy, entered and called Naveen into the interrogation room. The other detective on the case, O’Hara entered the room right after.

“I found this at the waterfront…I think it might be Kristin’s.” Naveen placed the necklace on the table.

“Sure, son. We just spoke to your pal, Reuben.” Roy informed him. “Do you want to explain what you were doing before he got to the park the night Kristin was murdered?"

“I had called him from a payphone at the school and asked him to meet me at the park. “I wasn’t waiting for him for that long. I had left the school and went straight there.” Naveen explained.

“You left your prom to meet up with your friend in a park after sundown?”

“Yes sir.”

“Why did you leave your prom?” O’Hara asked.

“I was waiting for Kristin and I thought she had stood me up. So I left.”

“Just to confirm,” Roy began. “You had found out she was with another guy, earlier that day and you left the school to find her because you were angry? You wanted to confront her?”

“No.” Naveen was appalled. “Is that what they’re saying? I wasn’t angry. I was sad…I had bought her a corsage to match her dress and I was looking forward to spending prom with her.” It was disturbing for Naveen to hear the full argument against him.

He glanced at the dragonfly necklace, now tainted with his fingerprints and requested a lawyer.

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