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Who Is the Ripper?

Theories on History's Most Notorious Serial Killer

I know many of you are familiar with history's most notorious serial killer and how they had never found the killer him/herself.  I also am aware that there were suspects in the case but were never convicted. I am merely giving out my thoughts on who could have done it.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

The possibility of more than one person would be a logical conclusion.  The concept of an evil side as opposed to the good side is an obvious concept in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Steveson. Interestingly enough the story was published on January 5, 1886, two years before the Ripper killings.  

The concept of dissociation and a subconscious was theorized by Pierre Janet, which at the time was called Hysteria and often found mostly in women.  He came out with this work in 1882.

Lastly, there is also the possibility that the Ripper had a psychosis depression problem. Schizophrenia is usually one of these symptoms and he probably thought that the prostitutes were mocking him for some reason.

It is also possible that the Ripper had been at Bethlem Royal Hospital, also known as Bedlam. Whether the Ripper was a discharged mental patient, or an escaped one is a possibility. 

Mad Scientist

Even though creating life using various body parts like you would hear about in Frankenstein is entirely made up, it would not stop those in science and medicine from performing experiments.

The doctor would probably make an empty promise to women, perform certain experiments on them and stab the bodies of the women to make it look like a serial killing.

Whatever these twisted minds were trying to accomplish I know not. 

Cheating Husband

A cheating husband who would suffer ridicule or even lose something else of value by being married would certainly be a motive for murdering prostitutes. 

Religious Nutjobs

Religious people killing in God’s name has been done for centuries. It certainly would make sense if it was some fundamentalist moron type who saw the prostitutes as terrible sinners and that killing them was doing God’s will.

The fact that it could also be a man of faith who was bitter at a woman who refused his advances or even the Women’s suffrage movements.

Erectile Dysfuntion

The serial killer Andrei Chikatilo murder over fifty women and children, many of whom he sexually assaulted. He suffered from impotence despite having two children. It would be a possible theory that the Ripper could have a problem pleasing women and kill them would be a form of payback for a woman who left him or women who mocked his lovemaking abilities.

The stabbings would be seen as a form of sexual gratification. The repeated penetration of the flesh with a knife would certainly make up for erectile dysfunction.

Mother was a Prostitute

Having a mother working the sex trade industry certainly would be a motive to kill prostitutes. Growing up as a child in such conditions would not have been easy and no doubt having been bullied, ridiculed or even having a difficult time getting even the most basic necessities due to poor funding, would give the child a warped outlook on life. Killing the prostitutes would be the Ripper’s way of getting revenge against the mother.

Corrupt Policemen

Corruption amongst law enforcement personal is as old as law enforcement itself. The local bobbies could have been making money or getting sexual favors from the prostitutes in exchange for not getting jailed. Some of them may have gotten tired of the scam and tried to blow the whistle. Cops killing them and making them look like the victims of a serial killing could be a theory. 

Organized Crime

In a major city like London, how could one not expect the criminal elements? Gangs and mobster types would have no doubt had a hand in the prostitution racket. Killing off the prostitutes that were making profits for a rival group would certainly be a motive. To make it look like a serial killing, a professional may have been hired. 


The oldest kind of criminal. Someone in parliament may have been rather “active” and if any of the prostitutes said anything, it would lead to a scandal. The politician could have hired a professional to make it look like a serial killing because I somehow doubt that the politicians in Parliament could be successful in a serial killing. 


The fact that Jack the Ripper’s identity continues to elude even the best criminologists and historian makes it even more interesting. The Ripper could have been anyone, even the Royal Family of Queen Victoria themselves.





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