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Unprecedented Boeing Aircraft Safety Threat Not Removed by Massive Cover-Up: Chapter Three

Massive FAA Cover-Up! Flying Public Safety Jeopardized

Picture is Used to Illustrate Only

If you naively befriend a criminal counterfeiter, you may end up being a merciless killer of flying public on  board Boeing planes!

It is the paramount cause of FAA massive cover-up by not contacting LEA to have this crime investigated.

 I shall continue fighting for the safety of flying public until all counterfeit safety parts removed or I am murdered!!

— Charles Shi, protected and lawful FAA whistle blower

Chapter 1: Presented Moog Aircraft Group committed A felony by knowingly sourcing counterfeit safety critical or SPOF parts for Boeing planes, and refusing to remove them compromising some 500 B737 now in service.

Chapter 2: Presented despicable Moog top management cover-up.

Chapter 3 will present the massive FAA cover-up that is still posing extreme threat to flying public.


1. FAA Investigation Was Meant to Cover Up

Since early 2016, FAA conducted two investigations upon FAA Case # EWB16590. The first one closed on June 1, 2016, without any violation substantiated, and the second one closed on November 4, 2016, with 2 violations substantiated out of 9. But both investigations were extremely abusive and neglecting.

From the very beginning, the FAA investigation was meant to massively cover up and cheat later on. Without conducting any independent investigation or verification with objective evidences submitted by this whistleblower or contacting LEA for criminal investigation on such a crime, FAA only accepted Moog deceits, one of them is: NHJ only makes simple parts for Moog. Moog deceit was designed to have the flying public feel the safety threat was modest and can be neglected even exposed.

1st FAA Report on June 1, 2016, Accepting Moog Deceit of NHJ Making Simple Parts

Exh. E. Page 12

After I and my then US lawyer protested and provided FAA with more solid and compelling evidences, FAA re-opened the investigation in September 2016 but again did an extremely bad job. Moog old lies remained and new lies created to cover old ones.

2nd FAA Reports on Nov 4, 2016 FAA Knowingly Accepting Moog Deceits Again

The fact is: Throughout my whistleblowing process starting on August 8, 2015, to Moog and 13th January 2016 to FAA, I focused on that Single Point Of Failure(SPOF) blocking or mounting lug of B737 Spoiler.

Moog created new forgery to make up GMT lot material. But unfortunately, the massive cover-up was too much a bad job. FAA accepted a forged 4th GMT lot which was nonexistent.

FAA Allegation 9 Regarding NHJ Counterfeiting SPOF of B737 Spoiler

Exh. E. Page 10

FAA Accepting Moog Deceit and Distortion

Exh. E. Page 10

FAA Fatal Mistake by Accepting NHJ/Moog Forgery

Boeing and Moog approved raw material mill-GMT Aerospace Sales Director Jacky Chiu confirmation that GMT raw material certificate SC282A5-10G was non existent.

Jacky Chiu Email 09/11/2017 to a US Senior Investigative Journalist

Exhibit exclusively disclosed 

NHJ was the single source for that SPOF of B737 spoiler since 2015 and it is believed some 500 B737 now in service have been compromised. 

Air accidents/incidents relating to spoiler and spoiler blocks made by Moog have already taken place demonstrating how critical the spoiler and that SPOF is to a plane's safe landing.

2. FAA refusal to contact Law Enforcement Agencies(LEA) for criminal investigation

When I whistle blew to FAA on 13th January 2016, I simply forwarded FAA the email I sent to Moog CEO and Moog Aircraft Group President one day before. In that email I made it very clear NHJ was not innocently breaching the quality standard of aerospace, it was an organized counterfeiting.  The part particularly focused is the SPOF blocking of B737 spoiler.

FAA should contact LEA immediately per its own Order 8120.16A, Suspected Unapproved Part Program and FAA Order 2150.3B. On 4-3 of FAA Order 8120.16A, Coordinating Criminal Investigation, it states “If parts have been intentionally misrepresented, criminal activity may be involved, inspectors should refer to FAA Order 2150.3 for additional guidance and information about criminal investigation.”

But that did not happen!!!

First Whistleblowing Email on 13th January to FAA Safety Hotline

Exh. R5 Page 1

Lengthy Email by Charles Shi to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-1



Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-2

Exh. RF52


Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-3

Exh. RF52

Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-4

Exh. RF52


Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-5

Exh. RF52

Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-6


Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-7

Exh. RF52

Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-8

Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-9

Exh. RF52

Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-10



Lengthy Email to FAA Requesting Criminal Investigation-11

Exh RF52

Our lawful and justified request was thrown to the dustbin. It is the paramount cause of FAA massive cover-up by not contacting LEA to have this crime investigated.

FAA's Refusal That No LEA Was Contacted Despite My Then Lawyer's Strongest Request

Exh. RF55

Well, flying public, when you read through our appeal on your behalf, you must agree that FAA knew everything they were told was true but they just didn't take action! What they decided to do was to cover up.

I wrote to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on 31/10/2016 requesting escalated action but it went as usual to deaf ears.

Letter 31/10/2016 to FAA Administrator That Went to Deaf Ears

Exh. RF56


Exh. RF56

I received, instead, a notification of violation substantiated on 08th November 2016. But when I FOIAed more detailed FAA investigation reports, I realized FAA was simply playing a joke with this whistle blower by knowingly substantiating 2 manipulated violations while concealing and covering up more fatal violations that have been posing extreme risks to flying public.

3. FAA abused its power by NOT passing on criminal information to LEA.

Following my 13/01/2016 initial whistleblowing to FAA hotline, I sent them another email 16/01/2016 advising FAA that Moog top management willfully and intentionally leaked my confidential FAA whistleblowing information to the very internal suspect Mr. Joe Zou. This criminal act was meant to endorse Mr. Zou colluding with Chinese counterfeiting supplier NHJ to tamper and destroy evidence. What was more grotesque of Moog was that its top management requested Mr. Zou, the suspect to "lead" another "internal investigation" before FAA's coming.

My email to FAA safety hotline.

From: charlesshi88 [[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2016 12:23 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: top urgent Bad Chinese parts may have been mounted on Boeing or Airbus commercial aircraft- TOP UR-GENT

Dear Sir/Madam,

I reported to you two days ago at [email protected] reporting misconduct of a Moog employee Joe Zou(US citizen Passport #xxxxxxx) who is my boss titled as Asian Supplier Chain Director of Moog Aircraft Group last three years. I was terminated of Moog job one day after I reported to top management even though I Appealed not to be let go in case an investigation of my allegations are in place.

Today I am reporting to you that Joe was talking in office to at least two of my SDEs that Charles had reported to FAA and he himself is leading an re-investigation on NHJ. He asked xxx  who joined me reporting Joe and NHJ in Aug,2015 to give him all previous communications and files involved in NHJ reporting next week. On Monday 18th Jan he will chair a meeting with xxx and Claire Starzak, the SQE manager who misconducted last August investigation which resulted to no real major findings. He shall arrange Claire and xxx to go and "investigate" again.

I don't know what to say as something is going totally wrong. While reporting to you, I copied the email to John Scan-nell,CEO of Moog, Mark Trabert,CEO of Aircraft Group (AG)and the HR manager Satish Kumar.
Last week, there were Kate Schaefer, VP of AG, Mike Rowen, Kate's assistant, and Satish who were well aware of my reporting to FAA.

I also am perplexed why Joe is managing a re-investigation which he is conspiring with the alleged criminal organization called NHJ
WELL, I am sure things will certainly go opposite facilitating FAA OR FAA/Moog joint investigation into a possibly devastating aerospace threat.
I am now in serious doubt of the trust I placed to my previous employer and I believe my life, the life of xxxx, mmm,(another SDE whom is aware of Joe's misconduct), the life of other outside informants are in gravely jeopardized.

I am now appealing to FAA and related agencies of US government which I trust to take a prompt action stopping Moog asking the suspect of crime Joe be involved in any of the NHJ investigation. I am sure Joe is collaborating with NHJ in hastily tempering or covering up any evidence that may indicate their crimes ,even though in the end those tampering may make it easier to uncover the truth if a grand investigation is set up ASAP.

I would call for related agencies ,maybe FBI to step in going after those who gave confidential info to the suspect.
Please contact me right away by cell:+86-xxxxxxxx for clarification of my statement.

My email is the one sending this email.

Thank you

Charles Shi

Email 16/01/2016 to FAA Safety Hotline

Exh. R9

Exh. R9

Regarding my raised concern, FAA in its investigation report concluded "it was beyond the scope of FAA investigation" which I tend to agree. It maybe not FAA's responsibility to do a criminal investigation.

But it is to an average person that leaking confidential criminal information to the very suspect is a crime anywhere in the world. FAA should pass it on to FBI or any concerned LEA for criminal investigation. FAA abused its power in making a blatant decision: No violation was substantiated!

FAA Investigation Report 04/11/2016

Exh. E. Page 9

By abusively reaching no violation substantiated, FAA set free the criminals while endorsing counterfeit safety parts which remain on those 500 Boeing planes posing extreme risks to flying public.

Well, If FAA does not care about the safety of flying public, the safety of a protected whistleblower is of course out of the question! 

Since I risked my life whistleblowing to Moog/Boeing/FAA, I have been living in hiding and my family has been suffering with me!

NHJ sent me a wechat message shortly after I was terminated by Moog saying Mr Li Jian, the owner is "concerned of me," a coded message that my life is disposable at their hands. 

I shall continue fighting for the safety of flying public until all counterfeit safety parts are removed or I am murdered!!!

More information at:

Exclusive: Insider Warns Fatal Accident Looms In Massive FAA Cover Up Of Defective Parts

NBC report

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