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Truth vs Lie

Moog Aircraft continues to cheat flying public amidst NBC reporting an extraordinary aircraft safety threat.

Rebuttal to Moog continued lying and vicious accusation which is obstruction of justice

-An extraordinary aircraft safety threat under reported by mainstream media, more press including press release, TV/radio interviews is appealed.

- Chinese-made counterfeit safety parts are allowed on some 500 Boeing planes, not removed due to FAA massive cover-up.

-US lawmakers' attention and action is appealed.

-Flying public outcry is needed to get the Chinese counterfeit safety parts removed.

NBC lately aired a story in which I (Charles Shi) am the whistleblower and the informant on the crime and fraud concerning an extraordinary aircraft safety threat that is not removed due to massive FAA cover-up and inaction.

Another latest breaking exclusive story by Conservative Daily Post: objective reporting that is starting to reveal the truth. 

Amidst NBC reporting, Moog Aircraft, the violator, continues to cheat, Boeing continues to mislead journalists, airlines, and crews as well flying public all over the world by denying and covering up Chinese supplier counterfeiting safety parts for Boeing flight control systems, compromising some 500 Boeing planes, a majority of them B737 now in service.

Rebuttal to Moog's cheating and Boeing's misleading message with the cover video clip seen in this article. 

It is despicable that Moog is still accusing the protected whistleblower, I myself, of reporting to US government and disclosing the criminality and massive fraud to the flying public. It is nothing but obstruction of justice, which must be stopped.

Moog lied to OSHA and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) of US Department of Labor on my wrongful job termination by stating Moog flight control systems of Boeing are not safety sensitive and Moog Aircraft Group, who is a contractor and subcontractor of US air carriers, is not covered by US laws including Air21, the law meant to protect FAA whistleblowers for speaking out on the safety threats concerning the US aviation system.

It is most unfortunate OSHA and DOL ALJ accepted Moog's lies and dismissed my complaint by lack of jurisdiction. An ALJ judge even fabricated by himself that, “No Americans directed or effectuated his termination,” repeated by, “The evidence doesn’t support a showing that American individuals directed or effectuated the termination,” while Moog executives who are involved are US passport holders. I shall disclose the passport information publicly if necessary.

For now, more detailed information concerning the safety threat itself with documentary evidences here

Since I am a non-US citizen, I am calling US viewers to write to your US lawmakers appealing them to intervene in such an extraordinary air safety threat by demanding FAA work with law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the criminality of the threat and urge FAA/Boeing/Moog to remove all counterfeit safety parts made in China by the verified Chinese supplier as soon as possible.

We are the flying public who should care about our own life and the life of our loved ones. In the midst of no action by related agencies, we ourselves must cry out laud so, in the end, the message can get to the agencies, hopefully before fatal accidents start taking place, compel them to act to investigate the criminality, and request Boeing/Moog remove all counterfeit safety parts now still on those affected 500 Boeing planes.

Tombstone mentality should not be tolerated by allowing the flying public to play Russian Roulette each and every time flying any of those affected Boeing planes.

The time bomb is ticking. The fake safety critical or single point of failure parts (SPOF) remaining on Boeing planes are jeopardizing flying public life.  

The fact and truth are presented in a video clip.

Part 3 NHJ Counterfeiting SPOF for B737 Spoiler

Accidents/incidents involving similar SPOF of B737 spoiler have already taken place involving the SPOF blocking made by Moog.

Moog in the past did not even report safety incidents to Boeing, let alone report to FAA and the flying public. Their deed is just contrary to what they are telling the world that they take safety as their primary concern.

Therefore, more press releases are appealed to further arouse flying public outcry until the safety threat is completely removed.

Please contact Charles Shi at:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @charlesshi888

YouTube: Charles Shi FAA Whistleblower

LinkedIn: Charles Shi FAA Whistleblower

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Truth vs Lie
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