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Top Ten Serial Killer Movies on Netflix Right Now

For everything between slasher flicks to suspenseful psychological thrillers, here are the top ten serial killer movies on Netflix right now.

While some of the most notable serial killer films like American Psycho or Zodiac are no longer available on Netflix, there are a bunch of other titles worth watching, including a couple of Netflix originals. Whether you enjoy a good slasher flick filled with blood and gore, or a suspenseful thriller packed with twists and turns, there's something for everyone. Here are the top ten serial killer movies on Netflix right now. 


This gritty psychological thriller about a serial killer that murders his victims in the name of the seven deadly sins is a classic. With the dynamic tandem of Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, director David Fincher's dark, unsettling atmosphere, and Kevin Spacey's creepy performance as the killer, Seven is a must-watch. Though released in 1995, this thrilling serial killer movie was only added to Netflix recently. Combined with The Usual Suspects, these two movies really made Spacey a star. 

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Detailing the true stories of sex worker Aileen Wuornos, one of the most famous female serial killers, who killed seven men in the early 90s, this is one of the best serial killer documentaries because it is both tense and heartbreaking. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield captures Wuornos' mental instability through frightening interviews and even shows her testimony while on trial. The follow up to Broomfield's other documentary, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, this film is one of the most compelling serial killer movies on Netflix. 

The Wailing

This supernatural South Korean horror film is about a police officer who investigates a disease that devastates an entire village. As the policeman dives deeper into the case, he is told about a stranger in the village that has been attacking and killing the villagers. The Wailing is a suspenseful thriller that was incredibly well-received by critics, winning a number of Korean film awards, and receiving a nearly perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. The Wailing is currently being remade into an English version.  


It's hard to imagine one of the stars of FX's comedy The League as a homicidal lunatic in one of the best serial killer movies on Netflix. But in Creep, Mark Duplass plays Josef, a dying man who hires a videographer to film his last moments for his yet unborn son. But things take a turn when Josef begins to show strange signs of affection and homicidal hints. Creep's title perfectly describes the mood of this film, which is tense and has a big twist at the end. 

The Girl in the Photographs

The last film ever produced by legendary horror master, Wes Craven, The Girl in the Photographs is a terrifying psychological thriller. Starring Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn, this film tells the story about a serial killing photographer. Blood is abundant in this slasher flick, so it's definitely not for those with a weak stomach, making it one of the creepiest serial killer movies. However, there are a few funny moments involving Penn's affable character, which will help loosen up the tension. 

Red Dragon

One of the more notable serial killer movies on Netflix is Red Dragon, the prequel to The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Red Dragon is also a remake of Manhunter, the first film in the Hannibal Lecter series. FBI agent Will Graham is traumatized by a near fatal encounter with Lecter, causing him to retire. When a new serial killer named the Tooth Fairy appears, Graham is summoned by the FBI to assist in the investigation and forced to consult Lecter. Featuring a creepy Ralph Fiennes as The Tooth Fairy and the electrifying Anthony Hopkins, Red Dragon is another standout film in the series. 

Scream 2

The sequel to the classic slasher flick follows Sidney, now a student in college, who is targeted by the mysterious ghostface killer. All of the popular Scream characters return in the Wes Craven horror film, including David Arquette as Officer Dewey Riley. 

Scream 2 is often described as better than the original film because of its ability to stay away from most clichés of horror films and sequels. This sequel is just as dark and creepy as the first, but leans heavily on subtle messages, like when Jada Pinkett Smith's character dies in the opening scene. Her character is killed directly in front of the screen in a movie theater, showing a fictional film called Stab. This is Craven's subtle knock on horror films in general and is kind of daring that he would even do that. 

The Factory

This taut thriller stars John Cusack as a Buffalo detective who becomes obsessed with the murder of a transsexual prostitute. The Factory is one of the more mysterious serial killer movies on Netflix, taking many twists and turns as Cusack and his partner track down the killer who holds hostages in his basement. This film makes you guess left and right about what happens next, only to be shocked by the end. 


This horror Netflix film tells the story about a deaf writer living in the woods who is stalked by a masked killer. Hush is a suspenseful thriller that has been celebrated by fellow horror masters, Stephen King and William Friedkin, director of The Exorcist. While Friedkin wrote on Twitter that Hush was terrifying, King wrote on his Twitter about how much he enjoyed Hush also, even comparing it to another horror classic, Halloween. Apparently, director Mike Flanagan made an impression on King, considering that Flanagan has been hired to direct King's sequel to The Shining, called Doctor Sleep. With Hush, Flanagan creates a terrifying cat and mouse film, keeping you on the edge of your seat.  

I Am Not a Serial Killer

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, I Am Not a Serial Killer is one of the most exciting new serial killer movies on Netflix. This film is about a teenager suffering from homicidal thoughts who works at his mother's funeral home. This psychological horror thriller is dark but has its comedic moments, featuring a quirky Christopher Lloyd as a drifter, turned homicidal monster that feeds on others. It's refreshing to see Lloyd in a villainous role, since he's most known for his roles in Back to the Future and The Adams Family. With everything from classic slasher films to recent Netflix originals, there's plenty to watch for most serial killer movie fans. 

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Top Ten Serial Killer Movies on Netflix Right Now
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