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This Tinder Murder Will Send Chills Down Your Spine *Video Footage of Suspects*

Nobody ever imagines that the day of their date will turn into the date of their death. Sydney Loofe certainly didn't. The excited young woman got ready for a date that would turn into her very last day on Earth.

Nobody ever imagines that their date will turn into the date of their death. Sydney Loofe certainly didn't. The excited young woman got ready for a date that would turn into her very last day on Earth.

Sydney Loofe of Lincoln, Nebraska was 24 when she came into contact with 23-year-old Bailey Boswell. The two met on Tinder setting up a date for November 15, 2017. Sydney seemed super enthusiastic about the date. She took photos after dolling herself up, posting them on her Snapchat which read: "Ready for my date." The next day it had seemed as if Sydney Loofe had fallen off the face of the Earth. Sydney didn't show up for work which caused family and friends to begin to worry. Before too long, search teams scoured every inch of the town in hopes of finding Sydney. The FBI had even gotten involved. Detectives looked to Bailey Boswell as she was the woman last seen with Sydney. To everyone's surprise they were also looking into Bailey's roommate, 51-year-old Aubrey Trail.

Both Bailey and Aubry heavily denied having anything to do with Sydney's disappearance. On December 5, 2017, Sydney's body was finally found several weeks later in a rural area, completely dismembered.

Recently, new information surfaced proving that Bailey and Aubrey had conspired to commit murder months before Sydney's disappearance. Both are facing first degree murder. Both are also now being charged with criminal conspiracy to commit murder on top of first-degree murder and improper disposal of human skeletal remains.

Aubrey had several priors which included thought out and deliberate criminal activity. Bailey swore to police that she had dropped Sydney off at a friends house, but later was found to be soliciting young woman on Tinder in hopes to find a victim. Unfortunately, Sydney caught their eye and their plans went into full effect.

The two had bought tools to torture Sydney and disposed of her body without thinking they would be caught. However, both are looking the death penalty straight in the face. The trial is set for June 17, 2019.

Sydney lived a pretty normal life as she worked as a cashier in her small town. Both Bailey and Aubrey made a video after being questioned several times about the disappearance of Sydney. In this video Aubrey speaks on the fact that he and Bailey's names were being drug through the mud. They maintain their innocence throughout the entire video.

Aubrey felt as though he and Bailey should be able to say their sides as the odds stacked against them. Aubrey had claimed that he and Bailey wrote lengthy statements and sent them to the Lincoln Police Department. He also claimed that news outlets and police were trying to deny this. He claimed that the police were coming down on him for what seemed to be more things than he could count one hand, but denied that he or Bailey were ever a part of any murder. He admitted to being convicted for several different kinds of fraud still denying anything dealing with murder.

When Aubrey was finished with his side, Bailey then turned the camera on herself and began telling hers. Oddly enough, Bailey had confessed to having her name as Aubrey on Tinder, but stated that it was simply because she had warrants. She claimed that she and Sydney went on a two day (she took Sydney home the first night and picked her up again the next night) marijuana and wax binge, but ultimately took her to a friend's house that second night.

Bailey continues to give condolences to the family nearing the end of a ten minute long video of the pair explaining themselves. Bailey calls Aubrey babe in this video which raised a lot of eyebrows seeing as they claimed to only be roommates, but later found to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

At the end of the video Aubrey says "F*ck the police" as Bailey says, "Yeah," holding up her middle finger.

There is a second video with just Aubrey in a link below as well as the first video of the two them.

After these videos surfaced Aubrey has admitted to "accidentally" killing Sydney during a sexual fantasy, but as of two days ago takes it all back.

No new information has been disclosed. 

Video Footage of the Two Suspects

Video Footage of Aubrey Trail

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This Tinder Murder Will Send Chills Down Your Spine *Video Footage of Suspects*
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