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The Unseen Danger

Kitty Genovese is an extremely popular story of danger and mistaken safety within the psychological community. Based on her true story.

Late one evening a Kitty was coming home to her neighbourhood located in a cul-de-sac. The surrounding houses all faced inwards leaving a safe view of each other and the neighbourhood at all times – or so was thought. This dark evening was dimly lit by the houses and street lamps around the area. This warm glow created a safe atmosphere for all those who walk among it. Well at least it should have.

Kitty made her way back home with the confidence one should have when in their own community. This confidence was false in too many ways. Following Kitty were two deadly shadows that embodied her worst nightmare. She made her way up the path past caring friends that she called neighbours. Her next few moves would be her last.

As she reached for her keys she was blind to the danger that surrounded her as she edges ever closer to the haven we call home. Home is a place for one to feel safe and secure. Although this was not penetrated she was so close it was almost as if she was within that haven. As she made her way ever closer to the door as did the shadows – with a much more sinister purpose.

As Kitty was grabbed she turned to face the last people she would ever see. The assailants pulled a knife out and plunged it into her abdomen causing immense pain. She called out in terror and pain like she had never done before. In all this panic she was able to evade her attackers to head towards the safety of her home. Although this evasion lasted only a few seconds. Once again pouncing these vicious predators leaped into another attack.

Kitty felt the cold grasps of the knife eight more times only being warmed by the presence of her blood. Again, horrific screams of agony left Kitty’s heart to only be a waste. Throughout this slow and painful death her voice radiated through the colder sack penetrating all near by houses. Neighbours opened their curtains in horror to see kitty lay bleeding out while being penetrated by steel at the hands of monsters – yet all remained silent.

The minds of those watching were tricked by their own naivety. Knowing that she was in desperate need of help and that calling the police was the safest option for themselves they stood motionless. They all believed that someone must have called the police so none of them did. They all just stood there watching her slowly bleed out. The last breath of life left her body with an audience of friends.  

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The Unseen Danger
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