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The Truth Behind Lenore Bing Pt. 2

The Bing Case


As I said before, names have been changed to protect identities. Enjoy!

The more I read into her book the more I realized the stories I heard as a child were true!! Ms. Bing was long gone before I was born but to this very day, grandparents and parents tell their children about “the Bing down the road.” Personally, I wanted to go inside the house for myself and go walk around but as I previously stated, no one is allowed on or near the property.

Supposedly over 30 men fell victim to Ms. Bing and her witchcraft/magick. She wrote about selling her soul to the Devil for the powers that she obtained. She also talked about how hard it was learning to do even once she had the powers, controlling them, figuring out exactly how to do the rituals. 

I was also told that Ms. Bing never touched a woman to harm her other than her two daughters. She focused her all on men and only men of a certain beauty and social standing. She is buried less than a mile from her house and it is said by some that her spirit still lingers on the property. A few people have claimed to see her after she passed while driving by. 

I wonder what could possibly go through someone’s mind brutally torturing and murdering so many people, not to mention all four of your own children?? I understand the rituals were part of her religion but murder and torturing? I would love the opportunity to interview someone like Ms. Bing, just to understand how their mind works and understand how someone could have a family then suddenly turn into a killer after their husband passes. 

This story intrigued me not only because it’s so interesting but the fact that it happened in the tiny town, one over from where I grew up. In the picture that I saw of Ms. Lenore (said to be the only one left), her eyes looked as black as the night sky. I was terrified! She did over 20 sexual rituals said to be “draining the life” out of the men through their semen and giving herself life. 

The rest of them she would use body parts from them to do the things she wanted to. In one case she actually burned a man alive after cutting out his tongue and making it so that he couldn’t speak or scream. She gathered the ashes and buried them in the hole with her other victims. There is no record of actually how many men she took but they found records of over 30 men. 

There was never any way (even after they found her confessions) to tie the missing men to her other than what she said. As I said before, she supposedly covered the bodies in the cave on her property and cast a spell that no man, woman, boy, or girl could ever lay a naked eye on them or find them. There IS a small cave behind her house and it’s EXACTLY how she described it but there have never been any bodies found. 

The graveyard she is buried in is known as “Bings Graveside” and the road her property is on is now named “Bing Hollow.” The rituals she did on a daily basis were always dedicated to her higher powers. She never lists who they are or who exactly she’s praying to when doing her rituals. 

I have studied witchcraft and read book after book on “The Path” but even in the black magick books I’ve read all of the sacrifices were animals and things. Other than Ms. Bing what I’ve come across personally is MUCH different from what she did. 

It blows my mind to think that ONE little woman had the power to draw in, keep, torture, and murder well over 30 men. Am I the only one who after reading something like this REALLY wants to go look in the cave? Haha. 

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The Truth Behind Lenore Bing Pt. 2
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