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The Truth Behind Lenore Bing Pt. 1

The Bing's Case

Only handsome men

I have changed names as to protect those involved...

In a small town in Eastern Tennessee there was said to be a lady named Lenore Bing. Ms. Lenore was described to be very, very into witchcraft & dark magick. She started young and passed in her mid sixties. It is also said that Ms. Lenore had four children, none alive today though.

Years ago in this small town Ms.Lenore was found guilty after death (by her own words she left behind) of multiple, multiple accounts of murder in the first degree. As well as torturing and doing rituals with her victims. Ms. Bing kept record of EVERYTHING, whether by voice recorder or by writing. All of the things I am about to tell you came from her book which they published out of her own words, details of what she did. Also mentioned that every man she lured in had to be very handsome and of a certain “status” in the world.

To this day the “hole” that she buried her victims in has yet to be found. She gives the location in her writing but says that she protected it with magick so that it may never be seen by a naked eye. What makes her story so intriguing is that she specifically killed men. Luring them in with a vary of lust/attraction rituals. When the men came to her she would do rituals and offer them to her higher powers. 

On top of the murders of the innocent men she brutally murdered she is said to have murdered all four of of her children the day before their eighteenth birthday’s. She never tortured her children but they knew too much and she couldn’t let them get away. According to what I’m told by my ancestors she had many different rituals but one that stood out and that she did more than the others was a sexual ritual. 

She would tie these men up in her basement and cast spirits to torture them and force them to stay with her. Ms.Bing was said to have been married once, her husband passed of natural causes and after that is when the missing men started to appear. Maybe she was doing it to try and let her husband possess them? I’m not sure because she NEVER gives a reason. Every single detail of what she did but never why she did the awful things she did.

She would post ads in local papers and anyway she could and put her “magick” into it so that the men who read her ad would be drawn to come into her home. The police never suspected her! She was just a sweet, normal lady everyone thought. She would even have men from out of town show up at her house from being drawn to her call. Homeschooling her children so that she could teach them and not the bull shit of the world was what she said but she was more afraid that one of her babies might just let something slip. She just couldn’t have that happen.

Ms.Lenore Bing was VERY well known in the town for her magick but she portrayed to be a “white witch” and often helped people with sickness, love, court cases amongst many other things. She never charged either, just did everything out of the kindness of her heart. Very conflicting woman. After each ritual with each man was over she would chip them up into small pieces and bury them in a “cave” in her back yard. 

I have personally driven by her house, the people who moved in refuse to let anyone in or look around on the property. Some people say that Ms. Bing bound her house before she passed and so that’s why the new owners are secretive. 

Stay tuned for Pt.2 of the story of Bing!

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The Truth Behind Lenore Bing Pt. 1
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