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The Doll House

First I drain her of all her fluids...

Annie Spratt photo featured on Unsplash

This is fun, although you probably would not agree, unless you have been  caught and are now sitting on death row.

I have the perfect location and nobody will ever find it. It is so far into the depth of the forest, only the animals know where it is. I like to think of it as my personal little doll house. I just got a new addition and I am so excited to have them join my collection.

In the kitchen is the maid and she is propped by the stove preparing the meal. Sitting at the table is mom, dad, little junior in his high chair, and the empty chair that will be for Cindy Lou.

 I go out to the truck and carry her to my work table in the back. First I drain her of all her fluids, which really takes too long, but I have to be quick before she is all stiff and not easy to move. I already have her outfit picked out, she will be so pretty sitting next to her mama at the kitchen table.

John, my boss at the FBI headquarters, has called me in for my latest assignment. My name is Indigo Barbie, a cruel, not so funny gift from my lovely parents. My job is to catch as many serial killers as I can.

Sitting across from John in his office, he lays out a bunch of photos on his desk. Horrible photos taken at a cabin that two young honeymooners stumbled upon on a hiking trip. They showed a rustic cabin with a dead couple sitting on a rocking swing. A dead woman preparing a meal in a kitchen, a table with a dead family eating, a bedroom with another dead woman propped at a vanity table. Three more dead people in various rooms and positions. It looked like a man size doll house, only they are not dolls, but people. In the back of the cabin are photos of tables and equipment you would only ever see in a morgue.

This is where I was headed, off to the forest of nightmares. The couple whom came across the cabin called the police only two hours ago. The cabin has been left untouched, except for the photos and a quick check to see if any of the people are still alive. Chances are the killer may not even know it has been found. Most likely he doesn't go to his little doll house daily, but has a job somewhere nearby.

The copter takes me directly to the police station, too many trees to land any closer to the cabin itself. Waiting outside for my arrival is the Chief of police himself, Todd Burd. The copter leaves and the Chief  quickly ushers me to a jeep to take us to the crime scene. Time is a factor, the forest seems to get darker quicker with all the trees.

Seeing the scene in person was worse than looking at the photos. The smell was pretty rancid. I walked through the entire scene with Todd. Then we left so his men could  do their job collecting any and all evidence. More importantly  to have the bodies taken to find out who they belonged to.

We returned to the station to make plans. Who owns the cabin is my first question.  The only known owner had died five years ago, so the cabin had no rightful owners. It is a small town and the news will spread quickly by those we left at the cabin. I get the names of all those that live in town and ask him if anyone in particular comes to mind that could have done this. He can't think of anyone. He takes me to the only Inn they have so I can have my privacy and do my thing.

I change into my sweats, then sit on the bed with my laptop and start entering the townsfolk. I have to wait for the names of the deceased and any prints found at the scene until tomorrow. My great computer can help me see if any of the townsfolk have any hidden secrets or shady pasts in the mean time.

The following day my trusty laptop has come up with staggering results. It seems everyone who wants to hide from the world moves out here. There is a swarm of people here with a prison record. From drunkenness to robbery and a couple with murder. I decide to pay a visit to the police station and ask Todd Burd himself about my findings, but first I go to the dinning area for a much needed coffee and light breakfast.

The towns people are all talking about the human doll house. Who needs a newspaper when word spreads as quickly as a flame on a lit match. They seem to know who I am too and watch me like a hawk, guess they don't get many visitors here. I finish my coffee and head over to the station.

Todd sees me and leads me to his office. Most of the deceased have been identified, some are so decayed it is taking a little longer. I ask him about the ones I found with a murder record. He quickly dismisses both. The one was a women who had accidentally killed her husband while cleaning her shotgun. The other is too old to capture and carry the victims to the cabin. Okay, most of the deceased are from neighboring towns and have been matched with names on their missing persons list.

I return to my room at the Inn and call John, my boss, with an update. Then I return to the other residents on my list and dig deeper into their pasts. I exclude the two whom have served time for murder. I enter their ages and health to help narrow down my search. A three year old is as unlikely as a person carrying around an oxygen tank.

My phone rings and its Chief Burd, he's asked me to come to the station. The labs results are in on whom the only prints found belong to. This is great news, or it should be. I turn off my laptop, lock up my room and return to the police station. 

I go straight to his office and he shuts the door. He tells me the prints belong to his good friends son. He is saddened by this evidence, his good buddy died only a few months ago and the boy is all the poor widow has left. The boys name is Johnathan. He's thirty three and mentally retarded.

A couple deputies ride behind us as we drive to the widows home to bring Johnathan in. The widow is out front working on a flower garden when we arrive. Chief Burd introduces me and asks where her son is. She says he is inside watching cartoons and eating his dinner. I stay outside with her as the deputies accompany the Chief inside to retrieve her son.

When they come outside I see Johnathan for the first time. He is nearly seven feet tall. He is a big man and I can see he has the build to easily commit the horrible crimes. When he walks by he is all smiles and excited to get to ride in the police car.

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