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The Creepiest Entertainers

Entertainers are supposed to make people laugh and smile. They are not supposed to do what some of these entertainers have done.

Jimmy Savile. 

It seems only fair to talk about the most prolific on this list of creepy entertainers. Someone that actually committed horrible crimes against children.

To most people from the United States, the name Jimmy Savile isn't going to mean a whole lot to them. However, in the United Kingdom, he was an incredibly popular personality. Especially among children with his show Jim'll Fix It. He worked heavily in volunteer and charity work, which is perhaps some of the reasons that accusations were hushed up, either by Savile, through the legal system, or just with no one believing that Savile was capable of doing something like that.

The first accusation to be levied against him was in 1963. For the next 49 years, until 2012, the public was mostly unaware of what he had been doing. He passed away in 2011 and he never had to actually face repercussions for what he did to around 450 people during his career.

The victims were mostly female, but there was a small portion of males that had been sexually abused. Although Savile sexually assaulted people of any age, 4/5ths of the people that had stepped forward were underage or downright children. There were rumors among staff that Savile had even bragged about committing necrophilic acts. However, it's difficult to prove these things.

He died a year before these cases came out and the investigations took place. The best that can be said is that his legacy was destroyed and the charities he created dissolved.

Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins was the lead singer of Lostprophets. He had a lengthy history of activity in the music industry through punk and emo rock music. With his music, he had a lot of young female fans that went to concerts. They had no idea what he was doing behind closed doors. Or that fans and ex-girlfriends had made attempts to report his sexual abuses before he was eventually arrested and charged.

In 2012, he was arrested for trying to make an appointment to rape a one-year-old baby girl. It didn't help his case that there was a great deal of violent child pornography and animal pornography. As time went on, more information of his horrific crimes came out. He was charged with the attempted rape of a child under 13, sexual assault of a child under 13, making and possessing child pornography. 

Some of the children that he sexually abused were fans of his and had willingly given their children over to him to assault. They were sentenced as well.

Ian Watkins is currently serving a 29-year prison sentence. And in October 2017, he was accused of trying to groom a mother into most likely doing what former mothers had done.

Gary Glitter

This is another beloved British figure that ended up being a horrible human. However, unlike Jimmy Savile, he has been forced to deal with the consequences of his monstrous behavior. He just hasn't seemed to learn anything from those consequences. 

In the late-1990s, Gary Glitter (real name; Paul Gadd) was caught with child pornography on a laptop. When the police discovered this and started searching for him; he fled. And he bounced around to quite a few countries before ending up in Vietnam, where he was charged with statutory rape (although this was dropped to insufficient evidence) and sent back to Britain to face trial. And he went to jail! And then was released. But he was eventually charged again.

In 2015, Paul Gadd was arrested and charged with sexual assault of three girls from between the years of 1975 and 1980. This time he has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. It is unlikely he will leave for a second time, as he is 74 years old.

Jared Fogel.

Although not an entertainer, technically, Jared Fogel was the spokesman for Subway from 2000 to 2015 after he lost an enormous amount of weight and attributed it to the fast-food chain. He often worked with children to help enforce an early healthy eating pattern. However, in 2015 he was arrested for child pornography and traveling to have sexual contact with a minor. 

It is also alleged that Jared Fogel asked for adult prostitutes to find him younger (presumably underage) girls for him. Essentially, this was an enormous scandal that no one saw coming. 

Although the FBI had been looking into Fogel since 2007 when a reporter said that he was saying some rather disturbing things. He was recorded asking her if she could put webcams in her children's bedrooms so he could see them. This wasn't enough evidence to charge him, and for six more years, Jared Fogel was allowed to pray on young girls. 

Fogel is currently serving a 13-to-15 year sentence and a lifetime of supervised release. The damage done to Subway is still questionable, as they have been linked to one of the most public child pornography cases in recent memory.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris is an Australian entertainer. He originally rose to fame with the song "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" and several other songs through the 1960s to 1980s. He's released 30 studio albums and 48 singles in his career. An interesting tidbit was that on Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday, he painted her portrait. 

However, in 2013 Harris was brought in for questioning in connection to the Jimmy Savile investigation. He was released and denied the allegations. But he could no longer deny them in 2014. He was brought to trail with charges on creating child pornography and nine counts of indecent assault. Most of his victims were under the age of 15. 

At the end of the trial he was sentenced to jail for five years. 

Mark Salling

Mark Salling was one of the stars of the hit show, Glee. But even before the show had finished in 2015, there were signs that there was something wrong with Salling.

In 2013 he was charged with sexual assault of his former girlfriend. This case was settled out of court around the time that Glee ended and for the most part, this wasn't a public event. 

However, a few months later he was arrested after several thousand videos and photos of child pornography was found in his home. Surprisingly he plead guilty and was immediately put into a treatment program and placed on the sex offender list. It seemed as though he would be facing four to seven years in jail in March of 2018 when he was to be sentenced. 

Instead, Mark Salling committed suicide to avoid facing the repercussions of his heinous acts. It is still unknown if he had ever had physical contact with a child.

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