Whodunnit, and why? All about criminal investigations and the forensic methods used to search for clues and collect evidence to get to the bottom of the crime.

Crow Zing 2 years ago
Unsolved: Lady of the Dunes
A body was found on July 26, 1974, in Massachusetts, USA, fifty yards from the road and had insect activity when examined. Forensic scientist believed she had been dead for two weeks before the body w...
Buyer Beware
It's the holidays. The number one gift that everyone gets, next to socks, is a gift card. They are simple and you virtually cannot go wrong. Or can you? I just recently had a brush with this issue and...
Darryl Richie2 years ago
The Military Base Murders
On Investigation Discovery, a show entitled People Magazine Investigates uncovers the true stories of crimes that became a part of pop culture. This show reveals exclusive interviews, twists, and new ...
Carol Forsyth2 years ago
Top 3 Serial Killers
We've all heard the stories and even seen remake movies about some. But do you know the story? The facts? Here is a list of only 3 of the most evil serial killers known.
Ashley Smith2 years ago
Disappeared: Michelle McMullen
Michelle McMullen was a 27-year old Harrisburg, Pennsylvania resident who moved to Louisiana to finish her degree at Grambling State University. She had some hard times in Louisiana, barely having mon...
Silence Unhinged2 years ago
Murder Files: JonBenet Ramsey Part 3 - The Suspects and Theories
Part three of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder File covers the suspects of the investigation and the multiple theories that have erupted from the long-time unsolved case. There are four types of theories/su...
Joseph Farley2 years ago
Best Mystery Podcasts to Listen to
In the days of binge-watching Netflix, it seems like we want to consume all our content in a hurry. So, if you're a podcast listener, mystery podcasts are the best way to replicate the feeling. Missin...
Allison Eckmeier2 years ago
Where is Sneha?
Do you remember where you were on September 11? That day doesn't even require a year after it. Everyone knows what happened in New York on that day, sixteen years ago. Do you remember where you were t...
Melissa R2 years ago
"I'm Going to Kill You": My Sinister Story of Sexual Assault and Abuse
This is the true story of the man who wanted to kill me. I'm going to call him Luke. Throughout the story, I describe lots of disturbing events that escalate until the final horrific event occurs. "Co...
Andrew Sobo2 years ago
The Church Bell Crimes
DONG, DONG, DONG! The Greenmeadow church bell tolled, signaling it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, time for the afternoon mass. William Layser, the priest of Greenmeadow Church, sighed and walked to t...
Silence Unhinged2 years ago
Murder Files: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2- The Murder.
Part 2 of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder File covers the full details of her tragic and brutal murder. Some of the information below may be inappropriate for younger readers.
Johnny Vedmore2 years ago
'Men Who Are Attracted to 13-Year-Old Boys Make the Best Teachers' - Director of Kent Social Services '74-'85
In the archives of the British Library are five tapes which should be a cause of concern to us all. Much of the interview with Rev. Nicolas Stacey relives his action-packed adventures at war, his unli...
A.N. Nelson2 years ago
The Anonymous
Death investigation and forensics are career fields that are booming. Everyone knows that this "boom" is due to the glamorization of the field as portrayed in shows such as CSI, NCIS, Bones, Law & Ord...
Alyssa Horn2 years ago
The Villisca Axe Murder House
When I was a child I lived not too far away from Villisca, Iowa. And growing up we always heard the stories from way back in the day. Even if a decade had passed, the tragedy of what had occurred betw...
Silence Unhinged2 years ago
Murder Files: JonBenet Ramsey Part 1
In this Murder File we look into the life and brutal death of JonBenet Ramsey.
Joseph Farley2 years ago
The Chilling Mystery of the Black Dahlia
The Black Dahlia is one the most highly publicized unsolved crimes in US history. Over the years, there's been more than 200 suspects and more than 60 false confessions, and yet we still don't know for sure who killed Elizabeth Short. Short was found brutally murdered on January 15, 1947 in a vacant lot in Los Angeles. Her body had been severed in half, chopped up, posed, and drained of all its blood. Nobody had ever seen anything quite like it. Then, on January 23, 1947 The Examiner received a ...
Monica Panait2 years ago
Change Blindness and Eyewitness Identification
Change blindness impacts eyewitness identification.
Ryan Epps2 years ago
Unsolved: The Murders That Haunt the Lizzie Borden House
Some murder investigations have the craziest endings, with finales that offer a cathartic resolution proving the existence of justice beyond a reasonable doubt. Others are left more or less tied up in a bow from their initial opening, closed at the onset of an abrupt confession, or the inevitable discovery of a specific piece of evidence. There's also those select few that dig deeper into the human psyche, the ones that not only challenge our ability to believe in the supernatural, but make us q...