Whodunnit, and why? All about criminal investigations and the forensic methods used to search for clues and collect evidence to get to the bottom of the crime.

Puzzled Mysteries Part 7
Chapter 13 They both went to their own desks and got to work right away. When Adams sat down in his chair, he went right onto the computer to go onto the internet to see if he could find anything on t...
Molly Kent13 days ago
The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse
Jennifer Kesse was born in New Jersey on May 20, 1981. She attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando and graduated with a degree in finance in 2003. Shortly after graduating she bought a c...
Kelsey Lange14 days ago
10 Worst Investigation Mistakes in Serial Murder Cases
These are the most mind-boggling mistakes that law enforcement has made during serial killer cases throughout history. You would be shocked by the number of times a serial killer has been under the po...
Darryl Richie16 days ago
The Deadly Secret
On Investigation Discovery, the show Vanity Fair Confidential revealed the story of how the governor of Delaware's secretary named Anne Marie Fahey disappeared. She was a beautiful woman, but also a t...
Filia Lee21 days ago
Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
A personally sincere, and heartfelt note to truthful victims, at the end of me on my soap box, with another trigger warning.
Charles Shia month ago
An Extraordinary Aircraft Safety Threat Compromising Some 500 Boeing Planes
The matter concerns a verified Chinese criminal counterfeiter supplying safety critical machined Boeing parts to Moog Aircraft Group, compromising some 500 Boeing planes. The criminal counterfeiting was covered up by Moog and not dealt with so far. FAA investigation is reaching 2 violations out of 9. The two violations were abusively minimized by FAA failure of oversight. Other more serious violations are willfully neglected. Current press coverage has not exposed the most serious violations. DO...
Child Exploitation in London: Why Are the Met Failing?
It's nearing Christmas and I'm sat in a lecture room at University being given my next assignment. I have to investigate something and write a feature about what I find. I decided to investigate child...
Colleen Byrnea month ago
The Mysterious Disappearance of Nicholas Barclay
Being a college student, it is very rare I have free time during the week between classes, extracurricular activities and my weekend fun, but I decided I want to dedicated one day a week to writing so...
D Ta month ago
Cold Case Nate
Dear Nathan, Let me start from the beginning. On November 5, 2012, I called you but you didn’t answer. So, I went onto your Facebook page and I started writing “hey, call me when you can I miss you!!”...
Samantha Stubbsa month ago
West Memphis Three
In 1993, in West Memphis, Arkansas, three young boys were murdered. Steve Branch (8), Michael Moore (8) and Christopher Byers (7) were beaten, choked, drowned and their naked bodies were hog tied with...
D Ta month ago
Cold Case Nate
Dear Nathan, Your death has impacted my life on every level. I went from a stage where I was unable to cope with your loss—doing drugs, overdosing constantly and drinking alcohol every single day—to b...
Brody Witzela month ago
Blue Family
The wolf hunt the sheep, and the sheepdog hunt the wolf to protect the sheep. It was the beginning of my shift. My team and I were in briefing when my sergeant pulls up a BOL (Be on the lookout) for a...
Sherry Campbella month ago
Countries With the Lowest Murder Rate in the World
These nations that are considered to be some of the safest places in the world, considering their crime rates. Keeping their population, statistics, and overall murder statistics in mind, these countr...
Katy Preena month ago
Real Lives, Digital Evidence
TRIGGER WARNING: In this article I discuss evidence that has been submitted and omitted from recent rape trials in the UK. Last week, it was announced that all rape and sexual assault cases in England...
Katy Preena month ago
Real Justice for Rape Victims
TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses the treatment of rape cases in the English justice system, which involves victim-blaming and discussions of victim's sexual histories. It's not very nice, and y...
Justice for Those Poisoned by the 'Few Bad Apples'
On January 6th of 2002, The Boston Globe's 'Spotlight' team—formed by reporters Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Matt Carroll, Ben Bradlee Jr, and Boston Globe editor Walter V. Robinson—took the firs...
Lawrence Lease2 months ago
USA Gymnastics Faces a Long Road Ahead Amid Sex Abuse Fallout
The USA Gymnastics organization is undergoing a massive shakeup after The Indianapolis Star uncovered a massive sex abuse scandal, resulting in team doctor Larry Nassar receiving 150 years in prison f...
Lydia Cruz2 months ago
Charles Bonaparte
Heroes are believed to be made up by children, however there are such things as heroes. In our beloved country, there are men and women who protect us all, these people are known to be from the Federa...