Incarceration, rehabilitation, recidivism: The reality of prison life and what it's like to be an inmate locked up behind bars.

Does the Criminal Justice System Do Enough to Deter Adolescents from Further Illegal Juvenile Acts?
What more can the juvenile justice system do to veer youths from participating in illegal behavior? Children are valuable in more sense than just one. They have a growing mind and are easily influence...
Donald Graya year ago
Most Violent Prisons in the World
If you thought Shawshank was bad, these prisons make that facility look like a holiday resort. From Russia and North Korea, to Brazil and even New York, these are the most violent prisons in the world...
Patricia Sarkara year ago
The Last Meals of Famous Killers
One of the most grim and strange traditions in the American prison system is the tradition of the Last Meal. The Last Meal is the final meal given to people who are about to be given the death sentenc...