Incarceration, rehabilitation, recidivism: The reality of prison life and what it's like to be an inmate locked up behind bars.

Angie Robinson14 days ago
My Time in County Lock-up
As a first time female inmate, all I can really say is those jumpsuits are comfy. Growing up, I never would've seen myself behind bars. Even as a high schooler, I didn't engage in any criminal (to the...
Kim Josepha month ago
Education vs. Prison: The Systematical Battle
Can you imagine a civilization that monetarily prioritizes its penal system over the success and advancement of its educational system? Welcome to America’s reality, where we over-incarcerate and unde...
Will Evansa month ago
I Went to Jail at 17
Kids go to jail. Sometimes they're the fucked up hooligans police and prosecutors make them out to be. Usually they're not. In my case, I was broken. I had many problems, mostly starting during my sop...
Alyssa Hutchinsa month ago
The Life of a Correctional Officer's Wife
When my husband told me he'd accepted a position as a correctional officer in our home state, I had no idea what I was in for. We've been through this for nearly seven years. We've been through two di...
Phill Rossa month ago
Monster Mansion
There was a prison established in Wakefield in 1595 as the West Yorkshire House of Correction however nothing of the original prison remains as it was replaced in the 1760s and again in 1847, more rec...
Blake O'Connora month ago
How Prison Education Reduces Crime
The United States has many problems. Interesting research done by the Rand Corporation illuminates one way to improve a broken system. The main take away is that prison education reduces recidivism an...
Vaden Chandlera month ago
Facing Federal Charges? Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer
Incurring criminal charges is unquestionably a distressing event. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need effective representation from an experienced defense attorney. Represent yours...
Sherrie Poguea month ago
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
The terrifying truth of how innocent law abiding citizens are thrown in Missouri prisons and held against their will for years. The time it takes to read this article could save you years of your life.
Edward Anderson2 months ago
50 Shades of Brooklyn
Another day, another man committing a crime to defend his lover allegedly. The hero fantasy is something that many people will admit to having and yet sometimes that particular fantasy takes a turn th...
Rebecca Poppleton3 months ago
Reading Behind Bars
Reading behind bars.—Noel ‘Razor’ Smith and Pete White. Two men, who both experienced the prison system in two different ways, both found the importance of literature whilst behind bars. This talk was...
Anna Rooney3 months ago
Forbidden Love
I was twenty-one when I (mistakenly) started my career in corrections. I got heckled for being young. I got heckled for being a woman. Put simply, I got heckled. A lot. For everything. My first few mo...
El Freebird
I can still feel the warm summer breeze, the heat of the sun on my skin... As I break from my mother's grip of holding my hand, I take a look around with my innocent eyes remembering the reason for th...
Monica Bennett5 months ago
Criminals: Where Are They Now?
They achieved notoriety through their crimes. We were privy to every moment of their lives when they were arrested, became media sensations, and were tried and convicted. These criminals paid their de...
Krishna Bhandari5 months ago
Are Prisons Effective?
To diminish crime, what should we do? Should we throw the criminal in prison so that when they get out, they will think twice before committing another crime? Having criminals in prison keeps them off...
Rob Gordon6 months ago
Ten Famous Prison Breaks in History
It's amazing to see what prisoners go through and the creative plans they come up with to escape. Very few succeed, let alone live to tell the story. But those who do survive and succeed are part of a...
Gerald Oppugne6 months ago
Famous Violent Criminals Getting Released from Prison in 2018
From gangster rappers to serial rapists, the list of criminals getting released in 2018 isn't as stagnant as some might assume. Many of the names listed below reached the terms of their parole, or are...
Ben Kharakh6 months ago
10 Ways Prisoners Use the Internet
Access to the internet has become so crucial to maintaining social ties and education that many consider it a utility and even a human right. There’s a push, then, to empower the most vulnerable and d...
Anna Flaherty7 months ago
An Evaluation on the Life of Jon Venables
Did his decisions trap him or was he trapped long before that? 1993. That is the year that Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who were classmates at St. Mary's Church of England school, killed James Bu...