Incarceration, rehabilitation, recidivism: The reality of prison life and what it's like to be an inmate locked up behind bars.

Phil Cartwright16 hours ago
'Midnight Express'
Billy Hayes is an American writer, actor, and film director. He is best known for his autobiographical book Midnight Express about his experiences in and escape from a Turkish prison after being convi...
Mass Incarceration in California
The problems with the prison system in the United States
Daniel Sullivana month ago
I Thought I'd Always Be a Criminal
I am a criminal, I heard that so often that I believed it. My mother told me that my father was killed in a shootout with the police, so I grew up with this idea in my head of who I was based on thing...
Tobias Gillot2 months ago
What Happens When a Mentally Ill Person Gets Arrested?
America has a mental health problem that, to outsiders, can look a lot like a criminal problem. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports almost 15 percent of men and 30 percent of women who are...
Julissia Courtney2 months ago
Female Prisoners
Female prisoners suffer everyday, their main issue today is health issues. This research article is about many health issues that females go through when they are incarcerated. When I talk about healt...
William Marks2 months ago
Prison, From the Inside
I'd like to tell you about life in prison from the inside view. You see shows on TV, and hear people talk about it, but they only show you the soft side. Hopefully, this information sways one person's...
Skunk Uzeki3 months ago
10 Horrifying Facts About Life in Angola Prison
Recently, Brooklyn's prison system came under fire after reports of heating being shut off came to light. At the time of the report, prisoners were enduring 33-degree weather, and at times didn't even...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean4 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 7)
People die every day. A drug dealer shot on the corner, a drive-by intended for the neighbor that killed the toddler playing in your front yard, cancer, overdoses, and natural death all happens in thi...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean4 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 5)
It is often said that drugs and alcohol go hand in hand with the lifestyle of a killer. The case of the Gilligan family murders from Evansville, Indiana, is just such a case. Donald Ray Wallace, Jr. a...
Wade Wainio4 months ago
Response to Chris Campano's 1,000 Year Sentence
Featured in an early episode of Forensic Files (Season 1, Ep 3: "The House That Roared"), Chris Campano will forever be known as a murderer (to the extent he'll be "forever known" at all). Like many m...
Rasma Raisters6 months ago
Robert Ackermann the Cannibal of Vienna
When Robert Ackermann was 19, he left his native city of Cologne, Germany and by August of 2007, he was staying in Vienna, Austria in short-term housing for the mentally ill and homeless that was run ...
Edward Anderson8 months ago
Twisted Prison Love
This story is almost too strange to be true; the weird thing is that not only is it true but when the TV mini-series (Escape at Dannemora) was being made, they had to find ways to make it seem more lo...
Saini Faapepele8 months ago
Wrong Choices Make Life Harder
My name is Berry Deuces. I grew up in a loving environment with my parents, three sisters, and a brother. My siblings and I are close to each other. We share a lot in life. My parents are the most ama...
Nicola P. Young9 months ago
Killers Who Made Art Behind Bars
From disturbing sketches of their fantasies and kills, to demonic visages and eek-worthy babies, a lot of strange art has come from the minds of jailed serial killers. Some of it, as you would expect,...
Angie Robinson10 months ago
My Time in County Lock-up
As a first time female inmate, all I can really say is those jumpsuits are comfy. Growing up, I never would've seen myself behind bars. Even as a high schooler, I didn't engage in any criminal (to the...
Kim Josepha year ago
Education vs. Prison: The Systematical Battle
Can you imagine a civilization that monetarily prioritizes its penal system over the success and advancement of its educational system? Welcome to America’s reality, where we over-incarcerate and unde...
Will Evansa year ago
I Went to Jail at 17
Kids go to jail. Sometimes they're the fucked up hooligans police and prosecutors make them out to be. Usually they're not. In my case, I was broken. I had many problems, mostly starting during my sop...
Alyssa Hutchinsa year ago
The Life of a Correctional Officer's Wife
When my husband told me he'd accepted a position as a correctional officer in our home state, I had no idea what I was in for. We've been through this for nearly seven years. We've been through two di...