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Carlos Fox16 days ago
Protecting Yourself from Fraud
Most people work hard to earn their money. Other people choose to try to take money from those who truly earned it. Every year, consumers lose well over $1 billion to scams and frauds. Sometimes scams...
Bradford Chase18 days ago
25 Suggestions to Keep You Out of Jail
Everyone on television law enforcement shows is innocent; at least that's what they always say. I’ve developed an overwhelming desire to offer a little advice to so many innocent, average citizens who...
Paisley Hansena month ago
5 Simple Ways to Avoid Theft
Even though you may live in a relatively safe area, you could still be at risk of theft. There have been many videos that have gone viral of package thieves who are constantly stealing valuable Amazon...
I Was Hit by a Car - Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
In Canada, nearly 10,000 serious injuries were caused by motor vehicle accidents in 2018, while approximately 1,800 victims suffered from fatal injuries. Experiencing a car accident can be traumatic a...
Unknown Voice 5 months ago
Ways to Reduce Knife Crime
As we all know, knife crime has become a big issue in our communities and I have decided to come up with a few ways we could reduce knife crime. The knife crime rates have been increasing massively in...
Lavender Baj6 months ago
How My True Crime Addiction Taught Me the Importance of an Emergency Folder
So I’ve been obsessed with true crime, cults, conspiracy theories and the darker side of history for like half a decade now, but even before podcasts and Buzzfeed Unsolved even existed, I would often ...
Cato Conroy8 months ago
10 Signs of a Human Trafficking Ring
Human trafficking is considered to be one of the most gruesome crimes in existence. It's a crime that involves the capture of men, women, and children, and then using them as slaves. People who are vi...
Alana Redmond8 months ago
How to Get a Record Expunged When You’re an Immigrant
An “expungement” is the deletion of a conviction on a person's criminal record. Different states approach expungement differently. If you wish to seek expungement in any state it's important to collec...
Kristin Shelton10 months ago
Let's Talk About Slavery
Modern-day slavery is commonly referred to as "human trafficking." There are more slaves today than ever before. This is something people hear all the time, but how often does it sink in? According to...
Alexis Harta year ago
Beware of Check Fraudsters
We are all aware that there are people who scam and there are greedy people everywhere. However, we never think that we will be one of their victims. My story is a little different because I am not a ...
The Scammer's Game
Nobody likes getting scammed, but here we are in a world where almost every little detail must be checked, double checked, and many more times checked to ensure that we, either as freelancers or hobby...
Monica Bennetta year ago
We all know what the oldest profession is, but pickpocketing is probably the second oldest. For as long as there have been pockets and crowds there have been people around who can relieve you of your ...
Claire Raymonda year ago
5 Things to Keep in Your Nightstand in Case of Home Invasion
Nobody likes thinking that someone will break in to their house, but it's a sad and scary fact that it happens every day and it as likely to happen to you as it is to anyone else. And as much as I don...
Monica Bennetta year ago
Counterfeit Goods
The list of goods being counterfeited today is both staggering and alarming. In the picture above, the Viagra on the left is the real deal, on the right, a fake. Now, you might not be put-off by a cou...
Marnie Grundmana year ago
Monsters under Your Child's Bed
According to the FBI, 1 in 5 children ages 10 — 17 are solicited online. Do you know 5 children?
Social Media and Stalkers
No one sets out to have a stalker and typically no one identifies that they have acquired a stalker right off. Sometimes the stalker makes it impossible to see the "signs" that they are stalking you.
Alyssa Horn2 years ago
How To Survive a Kidnapper or Mugger Situation
So I haven’t written anything in a while because of personal things going on in my life. There is something that hits very close to home that I feel I should write about. My cousin was recently attack...
George Herman2 years ago
Best Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree
There's the criminal justice students who are in it for the love of what they do, whether it be to strike justice into the hearts of criminals everywhere or in following an ages old vow to eradicate e...