Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

Lena Bailey8 months ago
'Perfect Sisters'—A True Story
So I saw this movie on Netflix. I was instantly intrigued. Perfect Sisters is about two Canadian sisters who killed their alcoholic mother to end the abuse and neglect. I know that sounds crazy but he...
Nikki Kattamuri8 months ago
The Case of H.H. Holmes
Who is he? What did he do? How to identify a serial killer? Continue reading to find out! H.H. Holmes, formally known as Herman Webster Mudgett, born May 16, 1861 was known as the first serial killer ...
James E. 8 months ago
Serial Killers
Abdullah was a serial killer in Afghanistan. In Kabul, he was found guilty of more than 20 murders including his wife. Shah served Zardad Khan, which earned him the nickname Zardad’s Dog. The pair wou...
Nicola P. Young8 months ago
Most Infamous Crimes of the 80s
The 1980s saw the rise of a number of the most prolific serial killers in the United States, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez. The latter, also known as "The Night Stalker," was part of a ...
Yvonne Glasgow8 months ago
The Unicorn Killer – Who Is Ira Einhorn?
On September 9, 1977, Holly Maddux was murdered. She was only 30-years-old when she “disappeared,” leaving her family feeling empty and lost. What really happened to Holly, born Helen Maddux, was sini...
Amanda Stables8 months ago
The Horrifying Death of Junko Furuta
Junko Furuta's story begins in normalcy. She was a popular and pretty young girl preparing for her next step in life. She was close to graduating from high school, she had a part-time job, and she was...
Edward Anderson8 months ago
Home Is Where the Murder Is
“My daddy is a hero, he helps me grow up strong. He helps me snuggle too. He reads me books. He ties my shoes. You’re a hero through and through. My daddy, daddy, I love you.” Bella Watts sang about h...
Wade Wainio8 months ago
Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp: A Devil on a Chain
Born in 1971, Todd Christopher Kohlhepp is a serial killer who murdered (at least) seven people between 2003 and 2016. Kohlhepp confessed to the 2003 quadruple homicide at the Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee, South Carolina, along with other crimes.
Ossiana Tepfenhart8 months ago
10 Stories of White Collar Crime Run Amok
If you ask most people what a criminal looks like, acts like, or does, they will talk about what criminals stereotypically are. Criminals are supposed to look rough. They're supposed to be violent, un...
Tom Baker9 months ago
The Other, Other (Other) White Meat
In the ancient Greek story of Tantalus, the ancient Greek Tantalus invited all the ancient Greek gods to what, we must assume, was a dinner comprised of dishes eaten exclusively by ancient Greeks. Bec...
Edward Anderson9 months ago
Confession Coverup
“Very few of us are what we seem,” Agatha Christie once said. This story seems like it was taken right out of the pages of the bestsellers novels, alas it is a true story of creed and an alleged moder...
Camille Ballentine9 months ago
Kids Who Kill
When we hear of a murder having been committed by someone, we often think it has to be an adult that has committed such a crime. Most of the time we would be correct, most murders that have happened a...
Camille Ballentine9 months ago
Open Letter to My Friend who Tried to Kill Me
Five years we shared a close friendship, five years of my life I trusted you. We had our rocky times. Just like any friends we had our disagreements. Yet as I grew in those years, you decided to destr...
Carolyn Graves9 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer is most notably known as the infamous Milwaukee Cannibal a.k.a. Milwaukee Monster a.k.a. Cannibal Killer a.k.a... well, you get the idea. Dahmer killed and dismembered approximately 17 ...
Evelyn Starr9 months ago
Cold Case Mysteries That Were Finally Solved
When all leads dry up and new ones stop arising, a case must eventually be considered cold. Cold cases are always frustrating, especially for the investigating officers, but sometimes there is simply ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart9 months ago
10 Disturbing Murders You Didn't Hear About on the News
Whether we like to admit it or not, there's something morbidly intriguing about stories featuring violent crime. Murderers and killers are real-life boogeymen who send chills down our spine and make u...
Tom Baker9 months ago
The Old-Time Bad Girls
As you all full well know, mankind is utter shit. Furthermore, this isn't a new development. Even when he's "good," he's bad. We can beat our breasts all we want about the inhumanity and cruelty of vi...
Lynne Rush9 months ago
10 Crazy Things About the Golden State Killer Case
Between 1976 and 1984, the Golden State Killer raped and murdered his way across central California. With a count of 13 murder victims and at least 50 rapes, he is one of the most prolific serial crim...