Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

Phoenixx Fyre Dean5 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 2)
Ted Calvin Cole was born on July 27, 1956 to an alcoholic mother, Nancy, and a father, Charles, who was enlisted in the Air Force. His childhood was a tough one, with his father eventually finding him...
Edward Anderson5 months ago
The Magician of Manhattan
“Money, like, there’s an unlimited amount of capital in the world, you know?” Anna Delvey said to The Cut when they interviewed her. On the surface, it sounds like the musings of an uneducated girl wh...
Destiny Davidson5 months ago
The Insanity Plea
Have you ever watched a news story of something so terrible, and said to yourself, “We’re so lucky to live in a community where that doesn’t happen.” I, for one, am guilty of that. However, on August ...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean5 months ago
The Bloody Truth
Daniel Bartlam was only 14 years old when he joined the ranks of child killers. His crime was devastating to a family, and an entire community was left wondering what went wrong. Easter Sunday of 2011...
Edward Anderson5 months ago
Dysfunctional Murder
"Everybody has a dysfunctional family," Vicki Lawrence's words should be of some comfort. Most people have grown up with a family that fights until there is a funeral or a holiday where a lot of food ...
Edward Anderson5 months ago
Mean Girl Murder
"In a way, bullying is an ordinary evil. It's hugely prevalent, all too often ignored—and being ignored, it is therefore condoned." What an incredible quote from Trudie Styler. Bullying today has chan...
Edward Anderson6 months ago
Pieces of Me
"I specialize in murders of quiet, domestic interest," Agatha Christie said when asked about her books. The case of Lisa Marie Velasquez is one that would have made a great book if Christie had writte...
Lena Bailey6 months ago
Elisa Lam and Kenneka Jenkins
I wanted to tell these stories together because they are so similar. There is so much information out there but I will try to tell as much as possible here and tell what I think about these cases. I j...
Dr. Williams6 months ago
The Epic Scale of Mortgage Fraud
Today, again like a reoccurring nightmare, the institutions of high finance are up to their skulduggery again. We have all been taught that home ownership was a right of passage for a lot of Americans...
Charles Shi6 months ago
The FAA Committed a Felony Covering up the Chinese Counterfeiting
Aviation whistleblowers have often been labeled as “disgruntled employees” by the companies they’re seeking to expose, they are more likely champions of the truth. A matter of massive Chinese fake saf...
Mr. Davis6 months ago
"I Don't Like Mondays," the Story of Brenda Ann Spencer
I’ve debated with myself for months on whether or not to cover a case like this, but finally, I feel like I can cover it in a way that’s sensitive to those affected at the time of the crime and to tho...
Lena Bailey6 months ago
Famous Cults
I already did a whole post about scientology and what a cult is, they are both on my page if you want to click my name to read them. This blog will just be highlighting some other famous cults. Heaven...
Angel Ryan6 months ago
The Time I Got a Creepy Security Guard Fired
We all know that sexual predators are anywhere and everywhere in the world, and that they can be someone we know whether they're related to us or not. Friends, family, co-workers, etc. It could be any...
Riley Raul Reese6 months ago
10 Most Prolific Serial Killers in America
Serial killers are terrifying—and rare. They are one of the most unusual types of criminals in the American penal system, and yet, they are also one of the most largely misunderstood groups of crimina...
Mr. Davis6 months ago
The Story of Charles Whitman: The Texas University Tower Shooter
Charles Whitman has gone down in history as the University of Texas Tower Shooter. A man who served his country proudly and would eventually suffer from mental illness and bouts of extreme aggression,...
Edward Anderson6 months ago
The Crimes of Aaron Burr
"Well, hate the sin, love the sinner..." Alexander Hamilton sings in the hit musical based on his life. While the lyrics are pointed at Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, they could as easily apply t...
Mr. Davis6 months ago
The Shocking Story of the UK's Youngest Killer: Mary Bell
WARNING: This case involves shocking violence against two children, by another child. This isn't for the faint of heart.
Jonathan Reed6 months ago
Surviving the Silence
There are two definitions for the word ‘predator.’ One—an animal that naturally preys on others. Two—a person who ruthlessly exploits others. Whichever term you choose, the founding message is clear, ...