Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

vince oath3 months ago
A High-Ranking Catholic Cardinal Receives Six Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse of Minors
Australian Cardinal George Pell, a high ranking cardinal in the Vatican hierarchy was sentenced on Wednesday to six years in prison for pedophilia crimes against two minors committed more than 20 year...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
Ted Bundy
Recently Ted Bundy has gotten some attention thanks to a Netflix documentary, and an upcoming movie staring Zach Efron as Bundy. Women have been tweeting about how hot they think Ted Bundy was. It has...
Edward Anderson3 months ago
Love and Murder
New York City, particularly Manhattan, is called the concrete jungle and for good reason. Dreams are made and killed in a flash, just as many of it's citizens are. It's Darwin at its Darwiniest. Howar...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean3 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 4)
I've always loved stories and poems about the wonder of women. Tales that highlight and remind a woman just how crucial she is to life and well-being. One of my favorites is "The Hand That Rocks The C...
Lena Bailey4 months ago
Andrew Cunanan
So this story is so creepy and crazy. If you haven't heard this story or you haven't heard of Andrew buckle up it gets weird fast. Andrew Phillip Cunanan was born in August 31, 1969 in California. His...
Ashley Smith4 months ago
Pizza Delivery Bomber
A new documentary has been released on Netflix in 2018 about a 2003 bank robbery in Erie, Pennsylvania. There has never been a bank robbery quite like this one. What made this one stand out is the fac...
Kathryn Parker4 months ago
Letters for Myself: Part Three
Warning: This first one is a bit disturbing, but this is just a dream recited to me by a friend after her work was robbed by a masked gunman. To The Man I Almost Killed, I want you to imagine a 19-yea...
Sydney Alexander4 months ago
Arias, Anthony, and Knox
What do Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, and Amanda Knox have in common? Besides being accused of murder: It’s how they were portrayed to the media and as a result to the world. While Jodi Arias was on tria...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean4 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 3)
Sometimes evil exists. There is no explanation for it, and trying to find one is an effort in futility. This is never more evident than when a parent murders their child in cold blood. It is unfortuna...
Cato Conroy4 months ago
10 Terrifying Stories About Murder from Around the World
If there's one thing that's old as humankind, it's crime. Crime happens every day, in every part of the world. Violent crime is still a somewhat regular occurrence, even though reports of it have gone...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
The (Almost) Perfect Murder
“Have you checked out John’s ex-girlfriend, the lady cop?” Nels Rasmussen would ask the cops time after time about his daughter's murderer. Those investigating the death blew him off as a kook, a grie...
Ashley Smith4 months ago
Jeffrey Dahmer
Lack of remorse. Impulsivity. Superficial charm. Pathological lying. These are all signs of psychopathic tendencies. But what makes someone a psychopath? What causes someone to one day just snap and d...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
A Victim of Her Own Lies
“They think because I am young, they think I have all this money,” Anna Delvey sobbed to her life coach during one session. Perhaps she forgot that she tossed money around like it was a water balloon....
Phoenixx Fyre Dean4 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 2)
Ted Calvin Cole was born on July 27, 1956 to an alcoholic mother, Nancy, and a father, Charles, who was enlisted in the Air Force. His childhood was a tough one, with his father eventually finding him...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
The Magician of Manhattan
“Money, like, there’s an unlimited amount of capital in the world, you know?” Anna Delvey said to The Cut when they interviewed her. On the surface, it sounds like the musings of an uneducated girl wh...
Destiny Davidson4 months ago
The Insanity Plea
Have you ever watched a news story of something so terrible, and said to yourself, “We’re so lucky to live in a community where that doesn’t happen.” I, for one, am guilty of that. However, on August ...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean4 months ago
The Bloody Truth
Daniel Bartlam was only 14 years old when he joined the ranks of child killers. His crime was devastating to a family, and an entire community was left wondering what went wrong. Easter Sunday of 2011...
Edward Anderson4 months ago
Dysfunctional Murder
"Everybody has a dysfunctional family," Vicki Lawrence's words should be of some comfort. Most people have grown up with a family that fights until there is a funeral or a holiday where a lot of food ...