Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

Raven Wade3 hours ago
The Top 10 Most Psycho Serial Killers
These ten men and women have terrorized people for many lifetimes. They go above and beyond what humanity knows to be pure evil. They redefine deranged and they strike fear into the bravest of people....
Mr. Davis17 days ago
Terrifying Killer Couples
Love is a complicated emotion. It's one of the strongest emotions we can experience and when we’re under its control, we may sometime do things we didn’t know we were capable of. A mother or father co...
Lena Baileya month ago
Famous Bombers
I want to start this off by saying I don't mean any disrespect to any victims or families of the victims. I just think it's important to learn about horrible things. If we don't learn about history we...
Jesse Phoenixa month ago
This is a short story of a very painful devastating part of my life. Note: I am not good with stories nor am I good at writing. I'm just going to say what is on my mind and what I have been through ma...
Katazia Grant2 months ago
'Triple Murder Over Hair Weave'
Shelby Isaac, 18, shot and killed Eddie Tate II, his girlfriend and their unborn child on January 22, 2016 in the block of Westchester Circle at Sycamore Lake Apartments parking lot. Once authorities ...
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: Can 'Swatting' Lead to Murder?
It’s all fun and games until someone is gunned down on their own property. In the vicious would be prank known as “swatting,” or calling false emergencies on other people’s homes, a male named Tyler B...
Edward Anderson2 months ago
Applying for Murder
Imagine going to work one day, nothing remarkable about it unless it's the day someone decides it should be the day you die. Imagine applying for a job, routine fair. Unless decades earlier you had co...
Skunk Uzeki2 months ago
10 Writers Who Were Actually Criminals
Certain non-fiction genres thrive on authors who can discuss their own firsthand experience. Our desire to know what life is like for others keeps books interesting, and is why publishers love seeing ...
Edward Anderson2 months ago
The Double Life of David Meza
Most porn stars live a double life. They have an identity or name used for on-camera work, and another one for their 'real' life. For instance, Stormy Daniels is the porn star that is a thorn in Donal...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean2 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 6)
If you have ever been to Evansville, Indiana, you know there are some undeniable things that are specific to the city. You will notice there are stoplights at just about every intersection, earning Ev...
vince oath2 months ago
A High-Ranking Catholic Cardinal Receives Six Years in Prison for Sexual Abuse of Minors
Australian Cardinal George Pell, a high ranking cardinal in the Vatican hierarchy was sentenced on Wednesday to six years in prison for pedophilia crimes against two minors committed more than 20 year...
Lena Bailey2 months ago
Ted Bundy
Recently Ted Bundy has gotten some attention thanks to a Netflix documentary, and an upcoming movie staring Zach Efron as Bundy. Women have been tweeting about how hot they think Ted Bundy was. It has...
Edward Anderson2 months ago
Love and Murder
New York City, particularly Manhattan, is called the concrete jungle and for good reason. Dreams are made and killed in a flash, just as many of it's citizens are. It's Darwin at its Darwiniest. Howar...
Phoenixx Fyre Dean3 months ago
The Bloody Truth (Pt. 4)
I've always loved stories and poems about the wonder of women. Tales that highlight and remind a woman just how crucial she is to life and well-being. One of my favorites is "The Hand That Rocks The C...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
Andrew Cunanan
So this story is so creepy and crazy. If you haven't heard this story or you haven't heard of Andrew buckle up it gets weird fast. Andrew Phillip Cunanan was born in August 31, 1969 in California. His...
Ashley Smith3 months ago
Pizza Delivery Bomber
A new documentary has been released on Netflix in 2018 about a 2003 bank robbery in Erie, Pennsylvania. There has never been a bank robbery quite like this one. What made this one stand out is the fac...
Kathryn Parker3 months ago
Letters for Myself: Part Three
Warning: This first one is a bit disturbing, but this is just a dream recited to me by a friend after her work was robbed by a masked gunman. To The Man I Almost Killed, I want you to imagine a 19-yea...
Sydney Alexander3 months ago
Arias, Anthony, and Knox
What do Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, and Amanda Knox have in common? Besides being accused of murder: It’s how they were portrayed to the media and as a result to the world. While Jodi Arias was on tria...