Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

Bad Cops
Law enforcement officers are a critical part of maintaining law and order in a vicious world. Their jobs are not easy, and I'm quite sure this author would not want the undertaking. The dangers law en...
Maria Vikse8 days ago
10 Largest Diamond Heists
We assumed that the latter ones, so-called daredevils, were among those who could dare commit the largest diamond heists in the history. Let’s check this theory.
Grant Patterson9 days ago
Incident on Train L-112​
It’s a sad truth of the law enforcement profession: sometimes, we aren’t very sympathetic to the victims of crime. “Guy leaves his laptop on the table while he goes to the can? With all his work on it...
Deborah Hobbs18 days ago
Modern Slavery
Slavery means being subject entirely to someone else's authority as if property. The word has somewhat vanished but the definition is still valid. Terms like child marriage, forced prostitution, debt ...
Jodie harris25 days ago
Moskvin: The Doll Collector
(DISCLAIMER: this case tells the graphic details of the deaths of children, touches up on mental illness and death) Anatoly Moskvin was born in Russia on September 1, 1966, he grew up a normal and hap...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Reason First: How Severe Should the Raptors Fan Tristan Warkentin's Punishment Be?
To blame alcohol for one’s behavior is a cheap excuse for owning up to foul words and deeds. Following Game 2 of the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors tournament, 28-year-old Raptors fan, Tris...
Scott Lavelya month ago
The Manson Family Cult's Downfall
Charles Manson, as seen above, is known to have started a Cult in California that led to almost 35 brutal murders; his cult consisted of runaways and vulnerable people who went into his cult just look...
Scott Lavelya month ago
Hollywood Has an Issue
*I do not mean any harm to the people, companies, or families involved in this, I am simply stating facts and reporting on the issues at hand* Hollywood is a place of making stars and creating movies;...
Craig Housea month ago
Why 'All Killa No Filla' Is a Great True Crime Podcast
True crime has been on the rise for some time. With the rise in true crime documentaries and dramas comes a sordid fascination with the darker parts of the human mind. Netflix has been pouring its budget into crafting new and unheard crime stories as the popularity of them demands it. But now true crime is leaking into every area of our lives. Our books, the news, our films, and TV programmes, and now our podcasts too... Do you like true crime stories and comedy too? Well, you would think horrif...
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: Why Would Rapper Bussdown Write a Song Referencing a Murder He Committed?
How stupid for Bussdown and fortunate for the fallen’s family does a rapper have to be to rap about the very crime that now has him sentenced to life in prison? Rapper Bussdown recorded a 2017 song ca...
Mr. Davis2 months ago
Three Terrifying Satanic Crimes
"We all have a little evil in us."
Mr. Davis2 months ago
Shocking Confessions After Acquittal
Sometimes justice lets a few slip through the cracks...
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: Should John Walker Lindh Be Shunned?
That this male has been released on good behavior is an injustice to people who wish to live their lives free of worry. While the “War on Terror” actually means nothing because you can’t wage war on a...
Raven Wade2 months ago
The Top 10 Most Psycho Serial Killers
These ten men and women have terrorized people for many lifetimes. They go above and beyond what humanity knows to be pure evil. They redefine deranged and they strike fear into the bravest of people....
Mr. Davis3 months ago
Terrifying Killer Couples
Love is a complicated emotion. It's one of the strongest emotions we can experience and when we’re under its control, we may sometime do things we didn’t know we were capable of. A mother or father co...
Lena Bailey3 months ago
Famous Bombers
I want to start this off by saying I don't mean any disrespect to any victims or families of the victims. I just think it's important to learn about horrible things. If we don't learn about history we...
Kyle Bain3 months ago
This is a short story of a very painful devastating part of my life. Note: I am not good with stories nor am I good at writing. I'm just going to say what is on my mind and what I have been through ma...
Katazia Grant3 months ago
'Triple Murder Over Hair Weave'
Shelby Isaac, 18, shot and killed Eddie Tate II, his girlfriend and their unborn child on January 22, 2016 in the block of Westchester Circle at Sycamore Lake Apartments parking lot. Once authorities ...