Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; a look into all aspects of a guilty verdict from the burden of proof to conviction to the judge’s sentence and more.

Mr. Davisa day ago
The Story of Charles Whitman: The Texas University Tower Shooter
Charles Whitman has gone down in history as the University of Texas Tower Shooter. A man who served his country proudly and would eventually suffer from mental illness and bouts of extreme aggression,...
Edward Anderson2 days ago
The Crimes of Aaron Burr
"Well, hate the sin, love the sinner..." Alexander Hamilton sings in the hit musical based on his life. While the lyrics are pointed at Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, they could as easily apply t...
Mr. Davis6 days ago
The Shocking Story of the UK's Youngest Killer: Mary Bell
WARNING: This case involves shocking violence against two children, by another child. This isn't for the faint of heart.
Jonathan Reed8 days ago
Surviving the Silence
There are two definitions for the word ‘predator.’ One—an animal that naturally preys on others. Two—a person who ruthlessly exploits others. Whichever term you choose, the founding message is clear, ...
Rasma Raisters8 days ago
The Axeman of New Orleans
On May 22, 1918 the world was still in the grips of WWI. In New Orleans, a barber named Andrew Maggio had just gotten his draft notice and decided that a night’s good drinking was in order. Returning ...
Mr. Davis14 days ago
3 Cold Cases Solved in 2018
Some cases sit unsolved for a year. Some stay unsolved and forgotten for 10, or 20 years. When they’re not forgotten and are constantly brought into the light, it can bring about incredible revelation...
Karen Berns14 days ago
Death Without End: Three Cruel Serial Killers
The serial killers. The interest in them is unbroken and therefore they are always a recurring subject of numerous thrillers. It does not matter if they have a real template or are completely out of t...
Lena Bailey15 days ago
So I decided to continue the 31 posts of creepy even though it is no longer October, but I missed a few days so here we go. A lot of you may not think of Columbine as creepy, but some of the stuff tha...
Lindsie Polhemus17 days ago
Women Who Killed Their Children
Each year, an average of 500 children are killed by their parents. Of those heinous deaths, more than half are committed by their own fathers. However, when a mother kills her child, there is somethin...
WatchMojo 19 days ago
Top 10 Worst Things Walter White Has Done
This is why Walter White is such a classic character. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 crazy Walter White moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes...
Wade Wainio20 days ago
Why Did They Free Pedro López, the Monster of the Andes?
After being convicted of killing over 400 girls, Pedro Alonso López is undoubtedly one of the worst serial killers ever. So how come authorities ultimately let him go?
Buddy Brown25 days ago
10 Cases of Cannibalism That'll Make Your Stomach Turn
"If you are what you eat, I could be you by tomorrow."—Combichrist, "Feed Your Anger" In polite society, there are certain crimes that are considered to be too taboo to speak of. Many, such as human t...
Edward Andersona month ago
How the Daughter Stole Christmas
"We do stigmatise teens a lot and see them as scary and alien," best-selling novelist J. K. Rowling tweeted. Ah, the drama of being a teen. Parents don't understand, teachers are evil, and the couples...
Skunk Uzekia month ago
10 Cults That Performed Acts of Sexual Abuse
If there is one thing that shows religion as a terrifying weapon, it's the stories you'll hear about the cults that committed acts of violence, theft, and insanity. Cults are, plain and simple, as dan...
Evelina Josefinea month ago
The Case of Psychopathic Serial Killer Joanna Dennehy
Offense description: Peterborough ditch murders. Joanna Dennehy (born 1982) was the serial killer of three murders that took place in March 2013 in Peterborough and two attempted murders that took pla...
Skunk Uzekia month ago
What Is Meeting a Serial Killer Like?
My partner and I believe we may know someone who is a serial killer in the making. We'll call him Gary for the sake of simplicity. Gary has a regular, respectable job in healthcare. He wears conservat...
Carolyn Gravesa month ago
What Makes a Mass Murderer?
A Guide to Mass Murderers
Cato Conroya month ago
10 Murder Cases That Were Made Famous By The Internet
Getting away with murder was so much easier back in the day—and I mean that in the most literal sense. Prior to the 20th century, solving a murder case was damned near impossible. These days, police h...