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John Ridgwaya day ago
Fuentes Last Hit
"You sit around wondering how you ended up here, and everyone else you grew up with ended out there?" That was doing time for him. Reading letters about lives he could no longer imagine. Tatted up old...
Tammi Brownlee4 days ago
The Deed
Larry sat in his car puffing on a cigarette. Loretta hated it when he smoked in the car, but he continued to do it anyways. Glancing out the window he watched as the young kids played basketball in th...
Marie-Claire 4 days ago
Shackle the Past
Agent John Rathbone was transported back to Iraq and to the last moment he had held his partner Corporal Bosco, as she was dying. She had been shot twice at close range; the second shot found its mark...
NJ Bell8 days ago
Scarlett slowly pulled the mascara wand through her eyelashes. She was careful not to get any of the makeup on her skin and to not leave any clumps. She meticulously repeated the process on her other ...
Victor Acquista16 days ago
Bob's Day in Court
“State your full name.” “Robert Wendermann, your Honor.” “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” Bob raised his right hand. “Yes, your Honor. I always tell the tr...
Brianne Sterling17 days ago
You'll Regret It
I finally broke through. It was too late… My hands were already covered in blood and the laughter from my own throat caught, breaking into a sob as hot tears rolled down my face. Have you ever wondere...
Cici Quez17 days ago
“Roy, we've been here for two hours, are you gonna tell me what happened or not?” Roy slouched back in his chair and let out an annoyed sigh. Hoping I would take the hint he folded his arms and stared...
Nicole Cormier24 days ago
The Pickle-Tickler
I am known as the Pickle. To some, it’s Darth Pickle. I have been on his trail for weeks, always one step behind. That’s all right, because I can feel myself getting closer. Any day now, I’ll catch up...
Dallas Valoa month ago
Selective Memory
Staring at the fluorescent glow of the red light masked behind the fog left over from the thunderstorm that happened that evening, Katherine began to recall those disturbing images playing over in her...
Julian Haydena month ago
Ashley Learns a Lesson
Ashley Von Brandt was sitting in her boss' office waiting for her boss to come in. Her boss said he had some good news for her, something about a promotion or at least an opportunity to make more mone...
Void Neona month ago
A Memory of Disjointed Illusions - A Short Story
The year was 1989, in an alternate universe very different from ours. In this universe, technology was very far ahead of ours, and with that, so was science. The world was advanced, yet was still rott...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Crossing into Liberty
The white phone matched the gray, peeling walls that surrounded the bevy of women waiting to talk on the phone. The day seemed normal, inmates milled about, yearning for the chance to talk with their ...
Davyd LaPonsie2 months ago
A Good Beating
Blood, my blood runs like water down my chin; dripping into a puddle on the crotch of my jeans, pooling right behind that awkward fold that the zipper makes that looks like a boner. How long have I be...
wilson jackson2 months ago
Black Medusa
A cold, moonless night with a slight drizzle of rain set the tone for bad things to come. The big black Escalade roared down the long, black, serpentine I-77 highway toward Sugar Creek road where a ne...
wilson jackson2 months ago
Token Black
Two AM Sunday morning, but the usual after midnight crowd at Mitch's bar on Central Avenue didn't stick around on the account that it was the Lord's day. Owned by a man with the same name, Mitch Blake...
GARY DEAN2 months ago
Quiet Explosion - Chapter 3/5
A Short Crime Story