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Author Faheem6 days ago
Welcome to the Capital of the Hustle and Bustle. Raindrops fall but that doesn't stop the dollar bill from exchanging at all. One way or another you're going to spend some money in New York City. No m...
Viola German7 days ago
Nyx (Ch. 1)
Ben Casings swiftly walked through the building that housed the corporate offices of Casings Synthetics, where he was CEO and chairman of the board. He nodded hello at the lobby security guard. "Good ...
Author Faheem7 days ago
The cheap multi-purpose, rubber sole shoes squeak as 18-year-old Robbie Mc’Clain is marched along a spotless corridor. "This your first time in the jungle?" Officer Williams makes small talk while the...
kaitlyn swat9 days ago
Yellow Ribbons
Coffee mugs clinked together as she pulled one off the shelf. Steam rose up from the poured hot coffee, fogging up the wire rim glasses balanced on her nose. She took the glasses off, wiped them again...
Author Faheem12 days ago
5 AM: The new shorter, funkier 2017 H4 Hummer cruises down the carnage streets of Essex County. Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery Company, Cooper's Deli, and a cemetery filled with tombstones and mausoleums c...
Cameron Smith12 days ago
Death and Addiction (Chapter 1)
Jon woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. It was already light out and the thin curtains of his office did little to shield him from the uncomfortably bright morning glare. He groaned painfully. ...
Author Faheem13 days ago
Raindrops tap and peck at window panes and rooftops. Puddles of water overflow from filthy unsanitary gutters. Motors hesitate and stutter before they turn over. The temperature has dropped reaching a...
Author Faheem17 days ago
“Knuckle Up guard your grill this is real if you ain't-a Gunner than you're a goner. Violate we going to do you.” “Shoot them up, bang bang doing what we have to do is our thing. If you ain't-a Banger...
Andrea 👑17 days ago
The Lived and the Living
Once upon a time there was a family of seven. A mother, a father and five children. There were three boys and two girls. The mother was very beautiful, she had long wavy black hair almost touching her...
Rosie Leone19 days ago
For as long as he can remember, Nikolai has always been fascinated with death. While the other neighborhood children played video games, rode their bikes, and harassed the ice cream man, he spent ever...
Arielle Marie19 days ago
The Devil in Polo
Maybe I got addicted to the rush of the fast life. The adrenaline flowing through my body was something a girl from a prestigious upbringing couldn't get enough of. Some might suggest I walked a tight...
Saintta Modurat19 days ago
Family Ties
Chapter 1 “Nancy come back to bed.” I turned around to see Brian standing behind me in his pajamas. He was about 6’1” and built like a football player but had the brains of a nerd. I think that’s why ...
Andrew Guerra21 days ago
Dr. Snuff
Shannon was casually surfing the internet concealed by the darkness of night merged with the blackness of the small study in her apartment, with her laptop providing her only but sufficient light sour...
Andrew Guerra23 days ago
Charles' Fatality
Charles was wandering about the lonely stretch of highway where only a passerby, big rig, or the occasional Greyhound showed up once every few hours. The entire surrounding was quite off-putting, as t...
Author Faheem24 days ago
Generational Curse
Clickety clack, heavy rain drops tap and splat against window panes, trash cans, and wherever else they designate to land. In apartment 862 the smell of fried Tilapia lingers. The freshly squeezed lem...
Jacob Buforea month ago
Why I Did It
My cellmate recently asked me why I killed all those people. I was happy to tell him. My mother was the most wonderful woman in the world. She was beautiful, kind, and caring. But my father was a putr...
Andrew Guerraa month ago
I Will Never Be Loved Again
If you were to tell me that one day I would be living in the woods, I would have laughed in your face and told you to piss off. I'm a city girl, who is more accustomed to spending long weekends at the...
Shaneikiya Steela month ago
He Killed Her
I guess he didn’t realize that I’d heard him when he said it, so he just kept rambling on, but I heard him. He’d just confessed to the crime and didn’t even know it. I shifted my stance as I glanced a...