fact or fiction

Is it fact or merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the myths and beliefs we hold about copycat killers, eyewitnesses testimony, what makes a murderer and more.

Tanisha Daggera year ago
Perfect Murder
Some people can understand the concept others have for the “perfect” murder whilst others have a hard time coming to terms with what the individual must be thinking throughout the actions they take. I...
10 Horrifying Unsolved Murders That Can't Be Explained
Unsolved murders always seem to strike a nerve in people. They are terrifying, because they're legitimate proof that murderers are on the loose. They spark curiosity, because everyone wants to know ho...
David Shorba year ago
I Play in the Key of Fission (Part 1)
He sat in his office. The only light source came from the desk lamp that lit up the reports that were right in front of him. Each report was more mind-numbing then the one before it. As he read the te...
Katelyn Faitha year ago
Torn Apart
It was a warm drizzly afternoon on the day Lily's parents were murdered. Lily was sitting on the floor of her bedroom, softly humming a children's tune as she posted yet another picture into her scrap...