fact or fiction

Is it fact or merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the myths and beliefs we hold about copycat killers, eyewitnesses testimony, what makes a murderer and more.

Tobias Gillot10 days ago
What Is Malpractice?
Today, we take it for granted that certain professionals have a responsibility to their patients or clients. And that when professionals fail in their responsibility, patients and clients have the rig...
Fresh Thirteen10 days ago
The Smuggled Body
This story recounts events that occurred in the early 2000s, during my time attending a small university in the eastern United States. The names and locations have been changed to protect identities, ...
Jasmine Masona month ago
Christopher Darden Quits
Former attorney against the O.J. Simpson trial has stopped representing the shooter of Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder. Holder has been in police custody since the shooting took place at Hussle’s clothing ...
Lena Baileya month ago
9/11 Conspiracy Theories
I want to say that I don't mean any disrespect to any victim, or their families. I just want to share all sides, these are all just theories. The main theory is that George Bush, and all his people kn...
Ruben Gonzalesa month ago
Code Black: Active Shooter
It was December fourth, 2018, and my father was set to have a surgery at Memorial Hospital that morning. It started out as a beautiful day, fresh morning breeze, and the air had a scent that was relax...
April Demarco2 months ago
10 Facts About Scientology That Will Terrify You
Scientology is currently a nationally-recognized religion with a 503(c) tax designation from the IRS. It also happens to be the choice religion of Hollywood movie stars like John Travolta, Tom Cruise,...
E Stolinski2 months ago
The Revelations of 'Cold Case Hammarskjöld'
The natural tendency of people, myself included, to believe what they read and hear in the mainstream media means that government agencies are able to constantly lie to us, and, what’s more, to get away with it. The normal pattern is that we are told a convenient fiction at the time, and then 50 or so years later the truth emerges. So it is with the murder of Dag Hammarskjöld, who was Secretary-General of the United Nations when he died in 1961. For many years afterwards the plane crash, which k...
Ella Rainz3 months ago
Attack of the Killer Clowns
When it comes to clowns, I know that I am not the only one who shivers with a bit of anxiety. Even as a little girl their painted faces scared me and the manic laughs haunted my dreams. Even though th...
Murder Kiss
All I had was just us, and perhaps, I at times took it for granted. Before my sister turned into a public scorn and was called a lunatic and a murder, she was just an ordinary young ambitious woman. T...
Janelle Ouellet4 months ago
The Forsaken Victims of a Handsome Monster
Look at these pictures. What words come to mind? What thoughts or feelings do they provoke? For many, fleeting mixed emotions of sadness and anxiety because they are dead and remain voiceless. Many wi...
Mimo le Singe4 months ago
Public Fears of the Past and Present
*Two of my criminology professors, James Williams and Anita Lam, inspired me to write this post, and I learned all this from them. Thank you both for being such quality educators and for playing a vit...
Matthew Evans4 months ago
Serial Killers
Child abuse, through mental and physical abuse, affects the psychological makeup of a person. It corrupts the person and can create the very horror that we know as a serial killer. Some of the most fa...
Sam Larson5 months ago
9 FAQs about Crime and Criminal Law in America
In America, the fascination with crime is rampant. We are fascinated by serial killers and curious about the laws that bind them, so much so that crime has been an integral part of American popular cu...
Lena Bailey5 months ago
So cults are hard to understand. Sometimes a lot of them are more hidden than others. So what is a cult? What do they do? There are several categories or definitions of cults—here are some of the most...
Kasey Renee6 months ago
The Saintly Children of the Blood Libel
Little Hugh of Lincoln would have passed through history unnoticed if it wasn’t for his death. His death, as described a bit in the reading that started us off, was attached to the blood libel. Soon, ...
Cato Conroy6 months ago
10 Facts About Bonnie and Clyde
Netflix recently unveiled a new event series called The Highwaymen, a brand-new retelling of the story of Bonnie and Clyde—as well as the Texas rangers who took them down. It's a movie touted as actio...
Jay Chenevert7 months ago
Suicide Square (Pt. 1)
By J.K. Chenevert, BSCJ
Why Do Women Fall in Love with Convicted Killers?
Some women are positively crazy for serial killers. Ted Bundy was a mass murderer who wrote fan letters, reportedly received hundreds of love letters from young women when he was incarcerated. Richard...