capital punishment

Weigh the pros, cons and controversies surrounding the grave issue of capital punishment; should the death penalty be allowed?

Cosmin Adamache2 months ago
Nuremberg Trials
The Nuremberg Trials were a series of landmark trials after World War 2. You’ve heard of the Nazi atrocities. Haven’t you ever wondered how they were put to justice? Many of the defendants killed them...
Andrew Wilson3 months ago
The Blackout Ripper
Not since 1888, when east London was terrorised by the sadistic killer known as Jack the Ripper, had a comparable spate of killings occurred. In just six days in February 1942, when London, and the wh...
Andrew Wilson3 months ago
The 1953 Towpath Murders
As Britain was preparing to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, just two days earlier, on the evening of Sunday, May 31, two teenage girls, who had cycled to meet three fri...
_Laikyn Berry_3 months ago
Is Incarceration Becoming a New Form of Segregation?
Your name no longer matters. You no longer matter. Inmate 3846229 is who you are now, and the sad thing about it isn’t that you’re incarcerated; it’s that you became another statistic. Incarceration i...
Victor Trammell3 months ago
A Murderous Day in History: October 10, 1991
Mass killings have been occurring in America since the nation's inception. However, in light of the beginning of a modern era, advances in how these crimes are investigated and tabulated have told new...
Kathy Craig4 months ago
Scott Panetti: To Execute or Not To Execute?
In August of 1992, Scott Panetti and his wife, Sonja Alvarado, separated due to Scott’s abuse, drinking, and his obsession that the devil lived in their house. Sonja secured a restraining order and we...