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Emily Anhalta year ago
5 Best Fictional Crime Novels
As an avid fan of true crime novels, I am always on the lookout for fiction books that are just as intense. These are the top five that I have read in 2017. No specific order, but I highly recommend e...
Joseph Farleya year ago
The Best True Crime Books of 2017
Captivating true crime books will always find an audience because they often tell stories so human it could be us, or somebody we know. True crime has mass appeal in any medium, just flip through the ...
Creepiest Books About Serial Killers
Serial killers are as close to real-life bogeymen as you can get. They commit heinous crimes that make them among the most notorious criminals out there. Most people who knew them never would guess th...
Best Mystery Novels to Keep You up at Night
Even if you're not a bookworm, people love a good mystery novel. All you want to know is what happens next, but every single chapter is just a brand new cliffhanger and this literally makes us go to t...
Bill Shaffira year ago
True Crime Books Fans Of 'Serial' Should Read
If you devoured every episode of the podcast Serial, it's safe to say you're a true crime junkie. While you desperately wait for another season of the wildly successful podcast to be released, hold yo...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
Must Read Books That Were Written in Prison
Being in prison means that you're facing the same four walls for months, years, or even the rest of your life. Being stuck in one place without being able to hold a job, see your family, or watch TV o...
George Hermana year ago
Best Books About American Prisons to Make You Rethink the System
Stories oftentimes capture our hearts by portraying themes that teach us deep fundamentals about either human or spiritual capacities. These details can range anywhere from the simple and mundane, to ...
Eric Greena year ago
Mindblowing Books For Anyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With True Crime
You are on a true crime binge. No further investigation needed: there is hard evidence for that. You found your way here, after all. Now, you are in search for your next kill, your next victim. A new ...
Author's Spotlight: Roger Rapel
The Hard Boiled Detective Novel: Right now you're thinking of one, perhaps Phillip Marlowe or Mike Hammer.
Cato Conroya year ago
Must Read Books Written by Serial Killers
Serial killers are some of the most studied people in jails. They hold a strangely macabre fascination for many of us who just can't comprehend how someone could torture and murder an innocent victim....