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Rap Disciple10 months ago
5 Things Meek Mill Taught Us About the Prison System
After a “probation violation” landed him behind bars last year, Meek Mill has been released. Since then, he’s been at 76ers games, performed at the Rolling Loud Festival, and made appearances at The B...
Kioko Leoniaa year ago
Top 10 Must-Read Detective Crime Novels
"Just one more chapter, then I'll go to sleep, I promise..." Anybody who loves reading will be familiar with this phrase. Then you find yourself up into the latest hours of the night because you said ...
Are Prisons Effective?
To diminish crime, what should we do? Should we throw the criminal in prison so that when they get out, they will think twice before committing another crime? Having criminals in prison keeps them off...
Monica Bennetta year ago
Spy in the Sky
Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching? It's not your imagination, especially if you are in the UK or China. While China has the global record for the most cameras, the UK wins if you count p...
Claudia Jerroa year ago
Terrifying Serial Killer Couples
Everyone knows about Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but there are also serial killers who acted together as a couple. Some of these couples have served as inspiration to several films such as Natural B...
Darryl Richiea year ago
What Is Fair Justice? Stephon Clark vs. Dylann Roof
Stephon Clark and Dylann Roof were in their early 20s when they committed their crimes, but how fair was the United States justice system towards these two individuals?
Sian Edmeadsa year ago
She Got Revenge
[Wife] My emotions were running high. My hands shook uncontrollably as a gripped the bottles of petrol and caustic soda. I took a deep breath. I wanted to hurt him, like he had hurt me. I wanted him t...
Donald Graya year ago
Best Murder Documentaries on Netflix
Netflix is home to a bounty of amazing documentaries, from TV mini-series or full-fledged features, and they're often some of the most interesting around. One of the more approachable and proliferated...
Gerald Oppugnea year ago
Serial Killers Who Hated Their Mothers
We’ve all been angry or ticked off by our mothers at least once or twice throughout our long family histories, but the following were certain individuals who were either so pissed off at their mothers...