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Darryl Richie9 months ago
What Is Fair Justice? Stephon Clark vs. Dylann Roof
Stephon Clark and Dylann Roof were in their early 20s when they committed their crimes, but how fair was the United States justice system towards these two individuals?
Sian Edmeads9 months ago
She Got Revenge
[Wife] My emotions were running high. My hands shook uncontrollably as a gripped the bottles of petrol and caustic soda. I took a deep breath. I wanted to hurt him, like he had hurt me. I wanted him t...
Donald Gray9 months ago
Best Murder Documentaries on Netflix
Netflix is home to a bounty of amazing documentaries, from TV mini-series or full-fledged features, and they're often some of the most interesting around. One of the more approachable and proliferated...
Gerald Oppugne9 months ago
Serial Killers Who Hated Their Mothers
We’ve all been angry or ticked off by our mothers at least once or twice throughout our long family histories, but the following were certain individuals who were either so pissed off at their mothers...
Jennifer Reinolds10 months ago
No One to Save Me Part 2
Chapter two How I got into his room, I don’t remember. After all, I was only five. My so-called father was trying to shove himself down my throat. I choked and gagged and resisted and told him that it...
Natalie Jenkins10 months ago
A Former Officer and a Former Inmate: Who's Actually the Bad Guy?
PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MARYLAND – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “police”? You might recall the most recent incident of police brutality that was shared on every so...
Katy Preena year ago
Real Justice for Rape Victims
TRIGGER WARNING: This article discusses the treatment of rape cases in the English justice system, which involves victim-blaming and discussions of victim's sexual histories. It's not very nice, and y...
Lawrence Leasea year ago
USA Gymnastics Faces a Long Road Ahead Amid Sex Abuse Fallout
The USA Gymnastics organization is undergoing a massive shakeup after The Indianapolis Star uncovered a massive sex abuse scandal, resulting in team doctor Larry Nassar receiving 150 years in prison f...
Harmony Batesa year ago
The Economic Values of Capital Punishment
There is a plethora of controversy surrounding the use of capital punishment. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, capital punishment is defined as “punishment by death for a serious crime.” Many fa...