Staff Picks

Joseph Farley8 months ago
The Best True Crime Books of 2017
Captivating true crime books will always find an audience because they often tell stories so human it could be us, or somebody we know. True crime has mass appeal in any medium, just flip through the ...
Anna Olvera8 months ago
The 25 Most Unimaginable Torture Devices
During Medieval Times, mainly nobles and royalty had pretty much power over men and society at large. Although when it came to "justice" it wasn't any different. Most people with low resources such as...
Jenny Reed8 months ago
Serial Killer Deep Dive: John Wayne Gacy
Clowns. To some they're joyous characters who entertain children, to others they're terrifying monsters. With horror films such as Clown and the 2017 remake of IT, it's no wonder why some people might...
A.N. Nelson9 months ago
The Anonymous
Death investigation and forensics are career fields that are booming. Everyone knows that this "boom" is due to the glamorization of the field as portrayed in shows such as CSI, NCIS, Bones, Law & Ord...
Tabitha Reno9 months ago
Charles 'Mass Murderer' Manson Dies at 83
Charles Milles Maddox, otherwise known as Charles Manson, is the wild-eyed man known for leading the Manson Family cult. Manson was deemed responsible for committing the infamous, disturbing murders o...
Monica Panait9 months ago
Change Blindness and Eyewitness Identification
Change blindness impacts eyewitness identification.
Michael Burfield9 months ago
World's Eight Richest Gangsters
Can you guess who's number one?
_Laikyn Berry_10 months ago
Is Incarceration Becoming a New Form of Segregation?
Your name no longer matters. You no longer matter. Inmate 3846229 is who you are now, and the sad thing about it isn’t that you’re incarcerated; it’s that you became another statistic. Incarceration i...
Eric Green10 months ago
Mindblowing Books For Anyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With True Crime
You are on a true crime binge. No further investigation needed: there is hard evidence for that. You found your way here, after all. Now, you are in search for your next kill, your next victim. A new ...