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Alana Redmond7 days ago
How to Get a Record Expunged When You’re an Immigrant
An “expungement” is the deletion of a conviction on a person's criminal record. Different states approach expungement differently. If you wish to seek expungement in any state it's important to collec...
Cato Conroy9 days ago
10 Murder Cases That Were Made Famous By The Internet
Getting away with murder was so much easier back in the day—and I mean that in the most literal sense. Prior to the 20th century, solving a murder case was damned near impossible. These days, police h...
Ash Stevens24 days ago
The Zodiac Killer: Famous Suspects
Well, it has been many years, five decades in fact, since the Zodiac Killer last struck, it is still a great mystery as to who he truly was. There have been many shows and movies that reference the ki...
Why Do Women Fall in Love with Convicted Killers?
Some women are positively crazy for serial killers. Ted Bundy was a mass murderer who wrote fan letters, reportedly received hundreds of love letters from young women when he was incarcerated. Richard...
Cato Conroy2 months ago
10 Crime Scene Photos with Horrifying Backstories
Photos have a way of conveying intensity, despair, and horror in ways that words often can't. Pictures are one of the most powerful tools criminal investigators have when it comes to solving homicides...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
The 10 Most Infamous Crimes of the 70s
If you have ever read true crime books or watched movies about serial killers, then you probably already know that the 1970s was a golden era of crime. Statistically, crime in the United State peaked ...
Buddy Brown2 months ago
10 Things You Didn't Know About Conjugal Visits
If you listen to any true crime podcast, you'll hear riveting stories of murderous killers and wicked women. You might hear of serial killer calling cards, intrepid investigators, as well as the night...
Grayson Avery3 months ago
'Small Town Murder': The True Crime Comedy Podcast Phenomenon
Two self-professed a**hole comedians tell meticulously researched true crime stories.
Keri Gordon3 months ago
A Knapp-tastic Time
Ever wonder about the life of the man known as the "Serial Strangler?" Or maybe, you haven't heard of him at all. This man's legacy is not taught in all schools, if any, but is very intriguing none th...