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Russia’s Invasion by Barbarians

Is rudeness a new fashion or a symbol of power?

Are we back to the ancient laws of survival?

Here’s a challenge to understand Russian realities: what is the commonality between a store security guard, a 14-year old soldier from Crimea, Khabib Nurmagomedov together with his fans and a horrifying young shooter from Kerch city in Russia?

The answer is rudeness and overconfidence. This physical power is the tool which differs who is right from who is wrong. In other words, we are back to the ancient times where physical power decides who wins and who loses. In fact, Khabib Nurmagomedov is probably the most decent person amongst all listed above because he has a certain philosophy and understands that continuing the fight after it was over was not the best thing to do. Yet, his temper took over him making him to do everything to punish MacGregor’s team for the insults and provocations.

In fact, the animal behavior is trending more massively than ever and we will tackle this topic from all angles, starting from the company’s irresponsibility to allow a security guard to knock down customers for trivial things, government’s activities which teach young people military standards and consequences of finishing in a form of the tragedy in Kerch. 

A security guard trains a hip throw on customers.

The story about the Caucasian security guard working in Snow Queen Moscow fur and leather store, who insults customers, challenges them physically to fights and even goes as far as throwing some of them to the floor became viral in Russia. 

As one Facebook community has published (in Russian): 

“Do you know who dictates the rules in Moscow? Maga—a security guard from Snow Queen store. He surely knows better on what you can do and what you can’t. In case of little misunderstandings he can explain everything with his fists. At the same time, it looks like the official authorities are fine with the fact that life in Moscow can be regulated by the #UFC and mountain rules.”

The big question is, what do you think could be the reason for such an animalistic behavior? You have probably thought about an attempt of theft or breaking the law, right? No, you are definitely wrong. If you try to take a picture of a coat with your smartphone, this man will approach you aggressively and may even take your phone from you.

Sounds unbelievable? Many people thought so too, hence leading to a visitation by a group of brave vloggers armed with cameras to capture this. Fortunately or unfortunately, the test led to one of the guys ending up on floor laying almost paralyzed because the guard is a martial arts professional who aggressively put him down with his hip. He remained on the floor stunned till the ambulance arrived. At the same time, the staff of Snow Queen Store behaved just like a real Snow Queen—they defended their aggressive member despite the evident health damage inflicted on the customer who didn’t break the law.

The ugly truth about this incident is that a lot of people and even the police are not willing to get involved in fights with Caucasus men because they are powerful and have their backs covered by ethnic criminal clans. In either case, it is absolutely unfair that power and fear dictate the rules. 

Legal Perspective

Everybody in Russia knows that even if someone steals something, the security guard can only stop you and hold you till the police arrive. The same applies if you have damaged the store’s property or clothes. No one except the police can frisk your belongings and touch you in cases of suspicions, whereas it’s only the judge who can blame a person. Until the decision of the court is taken, no one can blame anyone.

This was an important highlight from the legal perspective to demonstrate that Russian law is against such abnormal behavior like the one displayed by the viral security guard and staff of Snow Queen Store. 

Combat Training for the Kids or Preparation for Another Columbine Horror?

Right after the tragedy in Kerch, everybody started to pay attention to the kids with guns. Is it right to involve kids in the military?

A so-called patriotic trend related to the military has been going for the past few years. A lot of military camps have opened doors to the young guys from 11 to 16 years old. From the first glance, they are fun, considering that boys like guns, and the military staff and camps allow them to experience real games and make them like the army from an early age.

Such camps can negatively influence young people if taught by the wrong people who believe that the power of a gun and physical force is the solution to all problems. This is exactly the case when you start reading interviews of camp teachers, who are ex- or current officers. Most of them have a very narrow minded vision without any pedagogical background. As a result, they may harm more than help.

Furthermore, we can make an assumption that the Kerch tragedy could be the result of these activities. The young killer from Kerch went through a military program in one of the best International camps. 

When a government gives power to young people when they are not ready to accept it, it can lead to a lot of damage.

Here’s a quote from one of the camp instructors from Razvetbat: 

“If it was up to me, I would make the guys eat and sleep with their guns. A man should carry his gun along at all times in order to defend the weak women. If he doesn’t have a gun, he is not a man any longer.” 

What sorts of conclusions should a 12-year-old child make after such words which were said officially, and no one actually knows what these kids are told daily. Here are some possible options:

  • If I do not have and carry a gun, I’m not a man. I want to be a man. I need a gun.
  • Women are weak. If I cannot defend them, I’m not a man. Physical force differ men from women.
  • I have to show everybody that I am a man and I can fight. There is no better way to show it in problematic situations.

And now imagine children with these new conclusions. They have a spoiled and damaged vision of who a man should be, of real power and cultural norms. If this is not degradation, then it’s hard to say what it is.

If a graduate from such camps hear the something what he doesn’t want to hear, it’s not hard to guess what he will do with his opponent regardless of who is right or wrong. Danger of such camps is that they teach rudeness and prove points with fists and other similar methods.

Legal Perspective

Military camps are aimed at increasing the prestige of the Russian army and the willingness to serve the country as young as 18 years old. The idea to teach kids military training in Crimea is another thing which was implemented there in order to keep the bordering territories strong.

Aggression on the Streets

Behavior on the streets and roads is also a mirror of what people see on TV, in movies, and what public figures say. When the world looks at the weapons of other countries as an indicator of their status, of course everybody starts judging based on amoral values.

When Mr. Putin congratulates Khabib Nurmagomedov and says that “it’s okay to jump off the cage because anybody could have done the same thing,” people may perceive this as a confirmation of what the right thing to do is.

When you see American heroes crushing bones of other people when they fight for their truth, boys love this idea and try to mimic them too.

When you judge other people by physical power and confidence, they become rude maybe even for their defense, but this is by no means a culture of 21st century.

The worst part of today’s tragic situation is that many events are discussed on the web and on the TV without any remarks that this is “not cool,” “not right” and without any real argumentative critique which could change the minds of millions.

Basically, people are becoming barbarians and increasingly love this idea of power. Those who cannot defend themselves with their fists automatically become unimportant losers to them regardless of their human rights. The strong ones feel impunity and pride for their deeds, and this has to be stopped by breaking their prejudices of what a decent person should look like and behave like.

Once people (especially young people) see the examples of positive and inspiring heroes, they will inevitably follow them. But, such needs to be found and discussed.

Official Perspective

Russian officials are still on the side of the law when it comes to regulating traffic on the roads and road accidents. However, this is only the legal part of the story. The reality is uglier than this and if you have a relative who is a public figure, then all of a sudden, you will be an intangible person for the policemen in most cases.

At the same time, Russia still has a long way to go in comparison to the western countries, when it comes to verbal insults, which are common on the streets along with disrespectful behavior of drivers on the roads. These insults have become another norm which is not even worth looking into by government entities. 

Final Thoughts

How do we stop this barbarian trend and divert it to a different direction? The measures should be taken at all levels, including TV, movies, bloggers and social media. For instance, a TV show called Dobro s Kulakami which stands for “good with fists” promotes this parasite lifestyle which shows that you can win if you can fight.

All tragedies start from young people and the focus needs to be made on them foremost. Therefore, the teaching methods should also be optimized to the modern ones and teacher needs to understand that the Soviet Union along with its dictatorship in schools, universities, and society is over. Everybody regardless of their status, authority, and physical power has a right to say their opinion and it needs to be respected by teachers, peers, colleagues, top management, neighbors, community members, and government authorities. 

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Russia’s Invasion by Barbarians
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