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Reason First: Will UK Rapper Nines' Attack Signal an End to Gangs Across the Globe?

Gangs seem to be as virulent as ever. Can they be stopped?

Some say that the world is a gang. This may be true as gangs have risen to places all over the globe in expression of the lowest rungs of tribalism. UK rapper Nines sustained lacerations in the face during a stop in his Porsche. Eleven years after his brother Wayne was shot to death in a gang related hit, allegedly, Nines took those blows to the visage. This has clearly become such a top story, and is particularly vicious because Nines is one of Europe’s top rap acts.

When it comes to gangs, the call of the streets is like the Siren’s song signaling young men in particular to become, or stay involved in the gangster set. Church Road Soldiers remained the gang that Wayne had been associated with before his death. Enemies of this tribe seem to have been the assailants who attacked Nines. Stabbers set out to damage his life, and attempted to destroy it. The collectivism involved is abhorrent.

Finding purpose in individualistic activities, even among other like-minded folks is above slumming and bumming in a street gang. While such tribalist groups allege that honor and integrity result from joining a gang, such can’t be further from the truth. Gangs represent the grimiest sectors of society. American gangs like the Gangster Disciples, the Bloods, the Crips, the Latin Kings and MS-13 to name just a few, have been responsible for rapes, murders, and robberies, and acts of viciousness in between.

Photo by Duc Le on Unsplash

Nines in the UK felt the cold steel of knives to the face over suspected gang-related activities stemming from retaliations from Wayne’s death. His brutal attack should send shockwaves to anyone who is affiliated, or knew someone associated with gangs. Though the gangs in Europe may have different names and customs, the brutality remains the same. Instead of seeking higher learning and legitimate, gainful employment, gang members tend to only be driven by the life of crime. 

Gangs promise a life of fraternity but with savage demands. Often with young men, the lure of camaraderie, money, and a sense of pride could turn into trinkets by gang leaders. A youth can find all of this in the service of one’s country in the military (if the country is worth the fight). That way, the person can get the adrenaline rush, experience, and lessons in proper ethics. The best way to look at a gang is to understand the code of the streets. Gangs are supposed to harbor youths and develop them into model citizens. While such organizations (if one can call them that) intend to be havens for the young people to gain experience within a structured system, they often devolve into chaos. 

While it may be very intriguing to be a gang member, the risks often outweigh the rewards. And this isn’t the Chris Brown or Lil’ Wayne style of gang member. This is the hardcore, forceful gang affiliate who only loves to create mayhem. As the Porsche became stolen property the night of the stabbing, Nine’s main concern was for his physical safety. He most likely will seek greater places of protection away from gang-saturated locales. As it stands, since 1997, the UK has outlawed citizens from carrying firearms in the form of some handguns. 

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Nines might want to secure a “good reason” permit from the UK police to defend himself with handguns. Or he could move to the United States and gather all of the weapons that could have prevented the altercation altogether. While there is plenty of violence in the States, there are pockets around the country that remain clean from all gang activity. Maybe Nines could become an American citizen before another disturbance occurs.

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Reason First: Will UK Rapper Nines' Attack Signal an End to Gangs Across the Globe?
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