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Reason First: Should 70-Year-Old Florida Man, Renaud Jerome, Die in Prison for Having Sex with an Underage Girl?

With the news of a statutory rape case, does the perpetrator deserve to die in prison?

Florida Man never seems to fail. In the latest news regarding a male from the Sunshine State who has acted out of control, irrational, devious, or all of the above, Renaud Jerome, at the age of 70 impregnated a thirteen-year-old young girl. The emoting here is at an all-time high. Only feeling, and sexual deviance could lead this senior citizen to engage in sexual intercourse with a minor. Jerome is currently being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Jail, according to the Panama City News Herald

This entire case is built on shutting off the mind, and submitting to urges. Jerome knew better than to bed with someone underage—and to get her pregnant puts the cap on the situation. Without thought, without a rational idea floating around in his head, Jerome took advantage of the girl. Regardless of whether this entire affair remained consensual, Jerome should be punished for the crime of defiling someone who is not of the legal age to have sex.

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

By expressing no regret for his actions, Jerome stands as a criminal of the lowest order. The actions that he perpetrated represent unreason that is so prevalent in today’s culture. The fact that Jerome expected to get away with the crime shows someone who is not self-interested, but self-destructive. His age demonstrates that it is nothing but a number. Like an alcoholic who chooses to go behind the wheel of a vehicle with a blood alcohol content well beyond the limit who wraps the car around a tree, Jerome has wrecked his life, while negatively affecting the life of this young girl.

Jerome is the latest case of a male who cannot, or refuses to engage in proper relationships. Instead of finding a woman of age, Jerome emoted, and chose to deflower the girl. Akin to the Humbert Humbert, and the nymphet in Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita (1955) Jerome saw her as a way to quench his sexual thirst. Jerome took it upon himself to deviate from rational standards, namely the law, but also morality. Jerome’s sense of ethics died in this scenario. The ideal of a “dirty old man” only intensifies when one considers that Jerome only speaks in Creole. That means most likely that the girl could only be controlled by physical cues, and other signals. Jerome has the capacity of a dangerous lecher on this young girl. Never for a moment, before, during, and after the acts did Jerome consider the evil which he committed. In fact, he seems rather adamant in claiming that the girl enjoyed the “sexcapades” more than he.

From the perspective of most of America, it seems as if Florida Man only rears his ugly head at least once a week. What is it about the Florida residents? Is there something in the water? No. The outrageous tales that have been assigned as an internet meme, and showed up in an episode of the series Atlanta, demonstrates the results of irrationality, emotionalism, and a disregard for the law, manners, and decency. If Jerome is just another example of the Florida Man meme, it serves him right that he was arrested and placed in police custody. The phenomenon of Florida Man may decrease with the emphasis on reason and individualism.

That means that the respect for the lives and property of others, and the selfish devotion to be a first-hander, and always remain ethically sound. As the latest inductee into this hall of shame, Jerome brings the count of outlandish behavior in the Sunshine State to alternately the highest and lowest of order for his sordid actions. The girl at the center of this whole mess ought to be protected, and if possible, this case should showcase to the anti-abortion crowd why there’s a reason for the procedure. This girl should not have to bear a child by a sexual pervert. She should not have to bear the shame and ugliness of knowing that her baby’s father essentially raped her. Jerome should be labeled a sexual offender, and spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. Maybe the meme should be changed to Florida Male.

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Reason First: Should 70-Year-Old Florida Man, Renaud Jerome, Die in Prison for Having Sex with an Underage Girl?
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