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Reason First: How Did Unreason Lead Lamont Lacombe to Murder His Cousin?

Lamont Devon Lacombe gunned down his cousin Joseph Lacombe over money. What role did irrationalism play?

To say that guns don't kill people, people kill people, is one of the most keen observations ever stated. Though somewhat of a cliché now, the statement rings true. In the case of a Missouri male named Lamont Devon Lacombe, 27, a disagreement over $45 led to the shooting death of his cousin Joseph Lacombe, 26, at Lamont Lacombe’s hands. Now two lives have been ultimately destroyed and damaged because one male emoted instead of thought. Lamont Lacombe represents the small-minded “go-with-your-gut” way of handling personal matters. Never did he stop to think that his actions would lead to such a horrific outcome.

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

The $45 could have been paid, recouped, or transferred into an account. Instead, Lamont Lacombe failed to consider that even this relatively small amount of money could spark rage throughout his being. Cognition stumbled and fell while animosity and rage trudged forth in Lamont Lacombe’s brain.

The act of taking a human being’s life in the sense of a murder is all the more chilling when that victim is a family member. The cousins probably shared jokes with each other and tales on how to best live as men. It is such a shame that Joseph Lacombe has perished while his living cousin will most likely see decades behind bars for second degree murder. The emotionalism and irrationality involved in this case are staggering. Without a thought, without a clue as to conduct oneself like a man and talk the entire conversation out with his cousin.

Most likely, both of them before the altercation subscribed to the unknown and unknowable. Maybe Lamont Lacombe’s aunt will lift up prayers to the alleged supernatural. These prayers would more often than not contain forgiveness for Lamont Lacombe’s crime. The entire Lacombe family want to “stretch their hands” in a conciliatory gesture to show that Lamont Lacombe can still be saved. But, thanks to the Law of Identity, the State sees something different. It sees an animal on two legs who struck down his own cousin. Currently in police custody on $100,000 bail, Lamont Lacombe might need to get used to stale bread, flimsy bologna, and powdered fruit drinks. He might need to work out a plan for his commissary ahead of time and how to best protect himself against the advances of other inmates.

Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

Lamont Lacombe’s thinking capacity, his reason, didn’t fail him. He failed reason. He knew that things began to become heated with Joseph Lacombe, yet he wanted to escalate the situation with dire consequences. Could he have just talked?—Blank out. Should he have never picked up the gun?—Blank out. Now, it appears that Lamont Lacombe has no lawyer in this case. What he may want to do is figure out how not to seek legal counsel and just represent himself. It would behoove a jury to understand that Lamont Lacombe’s tragic actions stemmed from him being a male, not a man. He had every opportunity to settle the matter privately without force of if it came to it, in small claims court.

Rather than doing that, he fired shots into his kin forever altering the course of both cousins. Lamont Lacombe is a symbol of when unreason plagues the mind like a virus. It invades the psyche and wreaks havoc on every part of a person’s consciousness.

For his crime, Lamont Lacombe is expected to stare at four walls, maybe earn a degree, be cool in the summer, warm in the winter, eat three square meals a day, and sleep in a cot all while his cousin lies dead due to his irrationalism. Maybe in time, Lamont Lacombe will be rehabilitated and count reason as an ally. 

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Reason First: How Did Unreason Lead Lamont Lacombe to Murder His Cousin?
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