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Perfect Murder

How people think they can get away with it!

 Some people can understand the concept others have for the “perfect” murder whilst others have a hard time coming to terms with what the individual must be thinking throughout the actions they take.

Is there any such thing as a “perfect” murder? People can go to great lengths to have no trace of them left at the crime scene that they create. For example, people can spend months creating and recreating their murderous strategy to get past the many obstacles that can be left behind at a crime scene.

Most “CSIs” crime scene investigators will start with the most commonly left evidence, this could be anything from a fingerprint, shoe prints, fibres, hairs, clothes, weapon, blood spatter, or anything that may look out of place. This will probably be the first few things the individual will try to perfect before actually committing the crime but it’s more of the unexpected fall backs that the individual would need to perfect before it would be anywhere near a “perfect murder”

The more detailed fall backs that would need to be perfected by the individual who would be performing the murder would need to be, how are they actually going to plan the murder? Do they know the victim? What are they going to use as a weapon?

Some individuals would have followed unsolved murder investigations many months/years before committing their own crime, this would probably be to see whether they would be able to pick up any hints or tricks to get away with murder.

For example, people have used injections to try and cover up the murder they’ve committed thinking the medical examiners wouldn’t notice the pin prick on the victim’s body, but as a story goes an individual who has committed a murder has locked their victim into a headlock and injected them up inside the nose so they wouldn’t find the pin prick to lead the investigators back to the individual who committed the crime.

Although most murders don’t always involve people they know it can seem as if it is easier to have the perfect murder committed to individuals who they don’t know. This is because there may not be any common ground between the individuals; it may just be a spur of the moment situation where they may want to test what they have learned and see whether they can accomplish what they have set out to do. Although their first may not be the perfect murder they were hoping for it may take some time before they are arrested and jailed so they may have some time where they are able to test more obstacles that they found and see whether they can perfect what they did wrong and they may even have a chance to do it again.

The ways in which individuals may think and what they may think about when committing or before they commit a murder may be what they would also need to do after they have committed the crime. For example, what they would need to hide/burn after the crime, whether they would need to try and change identity if they are going to stay in the same district. Or whether they are going to pack their things and move to a different location to make it harder for the investigators to find the individual.

After all I don’t think there is anything such as a perfect murder in this century, this is only because the technology we have and the knowledge both the investigators have and the criminals have are too contradicting to each other. Plus, there are too many sides that one single criminal aren’t able to perfect to the best, there will always be something that gives them away or will lead the investigators to them.