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Intro: A college student is put in a life or death situation once she finds out she has an obsessed secret admirer.

It was a dark fall night in October. The cool breeze blew, making the leaves on the ground dance along the concrete. A young man walked quietly along the street. Hands in his pockets, he whistled a nursery rhyme that echoed down the absent street. He took out his phone to check the time. He was on his way to a date, and he was almost late. He was hoping that he wouldn't be late because that would mean he walked all this way for nothing. Cars zoomed by him, beeping at him to get out of the street.

He finally made it to where he wanted to go, Brenden College University. He walked through the campus and stepped through the freshly cut grass. Then he made his way around the campus until he was in front of the girl's dorm, staring up at a second-floor window where the silhouette of a woman stood in the light of the room. Using the big tree in front of the building, he climbed his way up until he could get a clear view through the window he was looking for—his normal spot right in the middle of the tree. He balanced himself between a few branches and had no problem blending in with the darkness of the night. He could now clearly see the beautiful young brunette through the window, and smiled when he realized he hadn't been late to his date. The window cropped her body perfectly. His love.

“I'm here for our date," he whispered. He watched in admiration as his love undressed herself, and with one arm wrapped around the bark of the tree so that he wouldn’t fall, he used his free hand to reach into the pocket of his hoodie to grab his phone. While his love walked around the room naked he snapped pictures of her. He watched her open another door in the room, walk inside, and close the door behind her. The room was now empty, and he took this as his opportunity to sneak inside. Pocketing his phone, he stretched his arm to slide open the window (which was always kept open for him), and swiftly and quietly made his way into the room. He quietly stepped across the medium-sized bedroom to the bed that had a fresh set of clean blue cotton pajama pants decorated with little cotton candy pieces and a matching shirt laying on top of it. A pair of clean pink panties laid next to them too. He then turned his attention to the sound of water coming from the bathroom. It was the shower. The sound of his love's humming coming from the bathroom lured him toward the door that was slightly ajar. Opening the door a little more, the steam-fogged shower glass is the first thing he saw, along with his love washing herself on the other side. He stepped inside the bathroom to get a closer look at her. He watched her translucent body through the shower glass, and he wished that he could get in there with her. But he thought that she deserved some privacy. He places his hand on the outside of the fogged glass, watching her figure dance along his palm. It wasn't until he heard her humming, stop that he made his way out the room, and back outside.

He watched her walk into the room from the grass below, her figure moving around in the light, and waited until the light to her room turned off before he began to walk away from the girl's dorm. Soon, my love, he thought, soon, you will be mine.