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Moog Aircraft Wanted the Whistle Blower Terminated

FAA Determined not a Violation, Leaking Confidential Information to the Moog Criminal Suspect who Was Colluding With the Chinese Counterfeiter

Picture is used to illustrate.

Since early 2016, this whistle blower, Charles Shi, presented the FAA with a rock-solid criminal case that FAA could hand directly to the law enforcement agencies. 

This did not happen no matter what warning was given to FAA.

FAA inaction was arousing public outcry.

OIG of U.S. Department of Transportation was urged to launch a criminal probe on the counterfeiting crime and Moog/Boeing/ FAA fraud. 

Presidents of the United States of America and People's Republic of China were appealed for intervention!


There was no control at Moog Aircraft when Chinese counterfeit safety parts were made and installed onto Boeing planes!

Starting from my first Moog internal whistleblowing as early as August,2015,  fierce infighting was staged about criminal cover-up on the Chinese counterfeiting.

Moog top management chose to cover up because they knew thousands of counterfeit safety parts made by Chinese supplier-NHJ had already been installed on flight control systems of Boeing planes. Removal and replacement of these bogus safety parts could be very costly to Moog. Yet Cover-up could save Moog the daunting unwarranted cost and business with Boeing!

By doing so, Moog committed a felony putting flying public life at tremendous risk.

Aircraft Safety Act 2000 is very clear that:

Sec. 38. Fraud involving aircraft or space vehicle parts in interstate or foreign commerce

(a) Offenses.--Whoever, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly and with the intent to defraud--

(1)(A) falsifies or conceals a material fact concerning any aircraft or space vehicle part;

(B) makes any materially fraudulent representation concerning any aircraft or space vehicle part; or

(C) makes or uses any materially false writing, entry, certification, document, record, data plate, label, or electronic communication concerning any aircraft or space vehicle part;


I continued my own confidential investigation amid Moog infighting.

I gathered two compelling witness testimonies evidencing NHJ was criminally using forged company chops of raw material vendors to falsify material certification while using cheap non-aerospace material in fabricating parts for B/E Aerospace. The NHJ counterfeiting activity resulted in product failures and termination of business by B/E.

I stated very clearly in the email 01/12/2016 to CEO Mr. John Scannell of Moog Inc and Mr. Mark Trabert of Moog Aircraft Group.

I am aware of the legal responsibilities reporting above and (aware of ) the risk of me and my family if any information is disclosed to NHJ and Joe. 
I thus appeal:
1. Conduct a grand investigation within Moog or jointly with FAA/Boeing...on NHJ immediately,...I had files including recordings of meeting, statements from my SDEs and (outside)witness...

2. Investigate Joe formally on his possible violation for code of conduct and unethical behavior at Moog.

3. Please try your best to keep me and my family safe during the investigation.

4. Don’t let me leave Moog while investigation is not completed.

The same letter was forwarded to FAA the next day 01/13/2016 when I was wrongfully terminated.

VP of Supply Chain of Moog Aircraft, Ms. Kate Schaefer was copied with my above letter and she was fully aware of my FAA whistleblowing. She was in China those days to terminate my job; she refused to meet me about my whistleblowing on such supplier counterfeiting activity. 

The next day on 01/14/2016, I received two phone calls from my Supplier Development Engineers (SDEs) informing me that Mr. Joe Zou was alerted of my FAA whistleblowing and Mr. Zou was ordered (by Ms. Schaefer) to lead "a new Moog investigation" before FAA came.

By doing so, Ms. Schaefer officially endorsed the suspect Mr. Joe Zou to collude with NHJ tampering and destroying evidences prior to FAA investigation. 

The obnoxious and criminal leaking was also meant to tip off criminals to find ways of harming the life of the whistleblowers.

Below is the transcript of phone conversation 01/14/2016 I had with Mr. XXX  who was the NHJ responsible Supplier Development Engineer(SDE).

Transcript of Phone Conversation With Mr. XXX 01/14/2016

Exh. RF11-1S

C: Charles

S: Mr. XXX

Time recorded: 2016-01-14 19:50:20


C: This was becoming an act of company (leaking to Joe Zou). I trusted Moog so I did the whistle blowing (to top management) against him, then Moog did such a thing to have him informed. Then the suspect(Mr. Joe Zou) knew everything(we whistle blew)… so it was a cover-up. (Moog) was and is on the side of the suspect… my God, what a bad thing..
S: He(Mr Joe zou) asked me to turn over(previous investigative information which was sent to Kevin Walek) to him.

C: He(Joe Zou) was setting up a trap. What are you going to do?

S: I thought it over. Because I made the findings (of NHJ issues), He (Joe Zou)…. wanted me to "discuss the issues" with Mr. Li (the owner of NHJ) and that was very troubling..
C: Why did’t you tell him(Joe Zou) "it is the job of Claire (Starzak who is the SQE lead) to look after issues of NHJ, I ( Mr.XXX) am a SDE, responsible for supplier deliveries mainly.. why do you(Joe Zou) ask me to do it(turn over investigative information)?"

S: He(Joe Zou)  asked Claire to send him an investigative report as well while he was asking me to send him a report…

C: Well, in this case, it was very clear that if you didn’t want to offend him, he wanted you to submit a manifesto to say that you had "NO" real findings(this should never be disclosed to Joe Zou) before and then he would say there was no findings by Mr.XXX.

S: Of course I must report the real findings, I would never deny what I found out(at NHJ). If I told him the previous findings were false, then I should be in trouble any way.

C: It might be a bad thing to let him(Joe Zou) know what you  found (and reported to Kevin Walek)

S: I am prepared to let him know what I found.. I will email him with the findings…

C: OK, copy everybody(who are concerned)….. Mr. XXX, I think not good you email him(Joe Zou), you should send your findings to…

S: Yes, I shall copy all others. Last time, Chris(Moog commodity manager) wrote me asking for information…

C: Oh, Ok, you might copy Ms Schaefer as well..

S: After today’s talk with Schaefer, she seemed not happy with me(because of my findings at NHJ).

C: Kevin Walek might be kept in darkness about all this…. Kevin must trust what we have told him. And Estella(Moog HR Manager in China) also trusted us, she said to me: “Charles, I trust you”…..

S: Yah…
C: Moog did a bad thing(leaking my FAA whistle blowing to Joe Zou). I wrote(in my email to CEO 01/12/2015) in particular: “Moog should not let Joe Zou and NHJ know that we were whistle blowing on them… if they knew about it, our life could be in danger… I raised 4 requests, this was one of them… all my whistle blowing was focused on the fact he(Joe Zou) had been colluding with NHJ on these activities(of counterfeiting)…. In the termination sessions with HR last two days, I repeatedly told HR people it was Joe(Zou) who brought the matter to Moog… all I did was whistle blowing against him(Joe Zou). 
Look at what was going on, I simply could not understand why Moog was doing this(leaking to Joe Zou)... but I can tell you, Joe is in panic, what he is doing now will not help with him…

During FAA investigation,  my complaint on Moog leaking was listed as one of the 9 allegations. FAA was fully aware the allegation was beyond its jurisdiction and should be passed on to law enforcement for criminal justice.

FAA Investigation Report on Criminally Leaking Whistle Blowing Information

Exh. E. FAA Investigation Report 11/07/2016

It was extremely appalling that without doing anything, FAA determined it was NOT a violation that Moog top executive intentionally leaked confidential information concerning the crime of counterfeiting to the very Suspect who was colluding with the Chinese counterfeiter.

FAA obstructed justice by violating its own Order of dealing with Suspected Unapproved Parts setting criminals free and putting life of flying public at tremendous risk!

Being aware of the grave consequence of Moog criminal act of leaking, I and my family have been living in hiding.

More here. Or contact: [email protected] for new press release.

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Moog Aircraft Wanted the Whistle Blower Terminated
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