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'Mindhunter' Has Blown My Mind, Literally

'Mindhunter': a Netflix Original Series

When I was told by a coworker to watch the Netflix original series Mindhunter, I was definitely hesitant. Between the title and the fact that it was a Netflix original about serial killers, I was slightly anxious to see how the series would flow. I will go ahead and admit that the first two episodes sucked me right in. I was trapped, engaged, and obsessed with the show immediately. The basis of the show is about FBI agents who work in the Behavioral Science department. As partners, they decide to go on the road and teach classes about Behavioral Science to many men in law enforcement. While on the road traveling, they get involved with homicide cases that need extra help from their department. One of the agents makes the decision to visit infamous serial killers that are locked up to not only pick their brains, but to research their past, as well.

The characters in this series are so unique, relatable, and easy to like. From the protagonists to the antagonists, everyone is engaging, interesting, and one of a kind. The protagonists—which are the FBI agents—are complex and have a lot of layers. There are a total of four people. The show first starts off with the two main FBI agents. Their connection and chemistry is definitely something else. They have a love-hate relationship that is not only obvious to us viewers, but in the show, to other characters as well. Their supervisor, other colleagues, the serial killers they inspect, and their family members are all aware of their uncomfortable, yet caring partnership/relationship. The dynamic is perfect for their tense cases and interviews within the show. The other two colleagues that join them later on in the show add even more complexity to the relationship. They add another level of trust that’s new to the relationship's dynamic. The serial killers are another favorite aspect of mine in the series. They are creepy, unique, and very uncomfortable, to be honest. The actors that play the serial killers embody them to the exact detail. The interviews are some of the best scenes in the series. From their past childhood experiences to picking their brains about life now. There is such great detail, chilling moments, and even some things you can relate to. 

The story line is one of my favorites to follow because of the era the series is set in. The series is set in 1977 and it's before the term serial killer was even coined. Having the agents be apart of the Behavioral Science department is great. Showing how they went from teaching road classes about Behavioral Science and Psychology, to helping on cases by interviewing convicted serial killers was a cool transition to watch as well. They also go through pitching their project to their supervisor, and another colleague as well, which is a professor of psychology at a college. Teaming up with the professor and getting approval from their supervisor also gets them funding to expand their research and travel even more. Once they get the okay from their supervisor, they hit the road to interview more convicts and gather more info to help out with other homicide cases.  

I think I was so fascinated by the series because it was way before the behavioral department was not only established as a real science. It was also way before serial killers, psychopaths, and every other classification was determined. While it is not a nonfictional TV show, it still is realistic, and even believable in some aspects. The fact that they actually go and talk to serial killers to catch other serial killers is unique and different. To catch one, you have to know one. To catch a crazy person, you either have to out-crazy them or know a suspect in and out to catch on to them. I found the interviews to be intriguing and interesting. While I do have an extreme interest in serial killers, I didn't think they went too overboard or over the top when it comes to the details and killings. That small detail simply makes this series a show that a lot of people can watch, enjoy, and follow. 

I'm so excited to see season 2! The way the last episode ended was very interesting. I'm not sure how they will pick back up the series but I'm very interested. I want to see if the cast will return, if they will catch their main culprit, and what the other cases will be about. I think Netflix has really done a great job when it comes to this show. 

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'Mindhunter' Has Blown My Mind, Literally
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