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Is Moog Aircraft Above the Law?

7 months elapsed, but no official decision came from DOT OIG in launching a criminal investigation.

Picture is used to illustrate only

FAA policy clearly requires Suspect Unapproved Parts (SUP) “cases to be shared with Federal law enforcement agencies — e.g. DOT’s Office of Inspector General (OIG), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) — so the reports can be reviewed for potential criminal activity" - CDP report

“However, the FAA is loathe to actually refer people for criminal enforcement,” said Mary Schiavo, a former Inspector General of the Department of Transportation (DOT).“They just don’t do it.”- The Crime Report

Inspector General Says FAA Not Doing Enough to Stop Bogus Parts from Getting on Commercial Flights- NBC Report

I’ve been concerned about complacency setting in but was particularly concerned by a quote in a news report attributed to the acting FAA Administrator in response to a DOT Inspector General report highly critical of the FAA’s actions regarding suspected unapproved parts. The report found the “FAA’s oversight of industry actions to remove unapproved parts is ineffective.” According to the NBC news report, “FAA Acting Administrator Daniel K. Elwell told the investigative unit his agency is reviewing the inspector general’s recommendations.... 

-John Goglia, former NTSB board member


This protected and lawful whistle blower, Charles Shi, has been exposing "An Unprecedented Boeing Aircraft Safety Threat Not Removed by Massive Cover-Up." 

Moog Aircraft has committed a felony by knowingly sourcing Chinese counterfeit safety parts and installing them onto Boeing planes.

The safety threat was not removed because Boeing and FAA joined Moog Aircraft deceit and covered it up. More than 500 Boeing planes were compromised.

Counterfeiting is a crime globally, however, FAA abused its power by completely neglecting the fact that the Chinese supplier of Moog had been knowingly forging material certification and using poor substitute material. FAA did not take action even when the counterfeiter was caught.

FAA's inaction is arousing outcry of aviation professionals and flying public.

I  complained a few times before October 2017 to Office Of Inspector General (OIG) of U.S. Department Of Transportation on FAA failure of working with law enforcement to uncover the crime and fraud. 

OIG only responded to look into my complaint after Reuters released its report titled "Fake paperwork, poor parts..."

OIG wrote me on 10/27/2017:

Thank You For Your Follow-Up Correspondence Regarding Your Concerns. An Investigator Is Analyzing Your Concern And Will Determine The Necessary Course Of Action. 
You Will Be Notified If The OIG Initiates An Inquiry Based On Your Concern, Or Forwards Your Concern To The Appropriate Regulatory Agency For Action Deemed Appropriate.

OIG was looking into the complaint.

OIG email 10/27/2017

Hearing the good news, I immediately submitted OIG with more information.

I wrote to OIG Hotline 10/27/2017.

Dear OIG hotline,

Thank you for looking into the matter which I have been whistleblowing. 
The following information is very critical concerning the failure of FAA oversight in their investigation report. The information was willfully concealed or misrepresented by Moog to FAA. Even though the information was FOIA requested by me and by at least two world reputable press organizations, unfortunately the information was withheld so far. 
I am requesting the information in a motion to DOL Administrative Review Board (ARB). I am not sure ARB will grant my motion to compel Moog to disclose the information. 
The information requested is really important so it is appreciated OIG investigator could request directly from Moog Because the information can verify Moog have lied and the extraordinary air safety threat does exist compromising some 500 Boeing B737 planes.

1.Copies of following lot number GMT material certificates

- GMT lot number SE0583B3-12

- GMT lot number SD1850B2-10G(According to GMT, this lot of material does not contain any other lots.Moog was lying to FAA it contained other GMT lots.)

- GMT lot number SB2881C2-11

-GMT lot number SC282A5-10G(this GMT lot was not included in the original audit report by Mr. XXX back on 08/07/2015 and was non-existent by GMT testimony)

2.Moog power point presentation of the raw material certification, dated September 7th, 2016 mentioned in Exhibit E, FAA report P.11

3.The Moog Supplier quality Engineer’s raw material Certificate of Conformance traceability summary audit report dated 02/09/2015

4. Any and all emails Mr Ron Rong sent or copied me between August 7th 2015 till January 13th,2016. One email by Ron contained very critical information regarding a list of NHJ outsourcing 11 Moog part numbers(without Moog knowledge or approval). This email is particularly sought. (In FAA report, only first operation was outsourced which was a big distortion of fact. Boeing used the distortion to mislead journalists and airlines as well as flying public.)

5. Any and all emails or writing communications between Moog and GMT clarifying or verifying material facts between August 8th, 2015 till December 30th, 2016 (According to GMT, Moog did not verify any material facts with GMT up to late Sept.,2016 against Moog deceit that they did it some time in 2015)

6.Ms Claire Starzak initial NHJ audit and approval checklist or any file she used to approve NHJ as Moog approved supplier initially. (The process of Moog audit and approval of NHJ was fraudulent.)
Sincerely yours
Charles Shi

After that, I provided OIG more exclusive evidences discovered by independent journalists inclusive the information that Moog internal suspect Mr. Joe Zou registered a shell company. Mr Zou was suspected of using it to receive kick-backs from Chinese suppliers of Moog.

Mr Joe Zou registered a shell company while fully employed at Moog Aircraft in 2015.

I urged OIG to make decision in launching a criminal investigation ASAP. OIG responded on 12/05/2017:

Mr. Shi, 
Thank You For Your Follow-Up Correspondence Regarding Your Concerns. As Previously Stated, We Are Reviewing Your Concerns And Our Assistant Inspector General For Aviation And Special Program Audits Has Coordinated With The Federal Aviation Administration's Office Of Audit And Evaluation. 
You Will Be Notified If The OIG Initiates An Inquiry Based On Your Concern, Or Forwards Your Concern To The Appropriate Regulatory Agency For Action Deemed Appropriate. 
Thank You For Your Patience.


US DOT/OIG, Complaint Center 

OIG Last Email Dated 12/05/2017

I followed up with OIG with an email on 12/31/2017:

Dear Mr. Hampton, Ms Adler, DOT OIG hotline, FAA safety hotline, Boeing Ethic investigator,

Please accept my New Year’s greetings.

I would thank OIG last informing me that OIG is looking into the extraordinary air safety threat I brought to FAA two years ago but was badly mishandled that caused Chinese OEM counterfeiter’s bad safety critical flight control parts remain on Boeing planes compromising some 500 Boeing planes now in service.
It has been a bit too long for OIG to make a decision requesting FAA work with law enforcement agencies to launch official criminal investigation per FAA own SUPs and OIG audit. 
I felt it might be too much a work for the OIG assigned investigator who has been looking into the matter since 27th October,2017. So I prepared a few podcasts that picked up compelling and material facts and truth of the failed FAA oversight as well as the criminal misrepresentation of Moog indicating NHJ did counterfeiting to Moog business. 
These podcasts hopefully will facilitate you to expedite your decision process.
By this writing opportunity, I copy some selected congress members, aviation professionals, press members. 
The objective is very simple, remove the safety critical counterfeits from all compromised Boeing planes and let flying public fly safely.
It is appreciated that I could be informed of OIG decision ASAP as this is a life or death matter that fatal accidents could happen at any time of the moment.
Sincerely yours
Charles Shi

I might be wrong in guessing OIG did not take action so far, but I have not heard from OIG that they made a decision of criminal investigation or the investigation has already been on the way. That is troubling!

FAA and U.S. Law enforcement should take initiative by working with Chinese counterparts in effectively carrying out the criminal probe. Chinese authorities have the jurisdiction over NHJ criminal counterfeiting while US agencies need to investigate Moog Aircraft felony and Boeing/FAA cover-up...

I am deeply worried the tragedy of Southwest flight 1380 may repeat at any time due to FAA inaction. (FAA Moved Slower Than Usual on Engine Warning Ahead of Southwest Fatality)

I believe that my deep worry is shared. Flying public, join me, please, in crying out louder to end the scam and Russian Roulette Game!

For more information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]







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