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Is Jussie Smollett the Spokesman for Millennials?

The 36-year-old actor has the platform to speak the truth to the world.

Smollett contemplates his fate.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was a revolutionary figure, a prophet, and one of the foremost legends ever to be produced by the hip hop genre. His outspokenness mixed with his ability to cater to street sensibilities and the THUG LIFE (“The Hatred U Give Little Infants F–– Everyone”) movement solidified his place as one of the most controversial, poetic, and timely figures of his day. Jussie Smollett is a marginal actor who claims that he is the “Gay Tupac.” This is offensive to the estate of Mr. Shakur and the LGBTQ community. But both Mr. Smollett and the representatives of this faction of the world are in error for propagating the notion of an anti-concept, the “hate crime.” Even if (which appears to be doubtful based on the facts) Smollett had been attacked for his being a gay African American man, it would not mean that his chemical makeup or life as a gay person grants him special privileges before the law. Smollett brings the thought of a scared little boy in a man’s frame. Sensing that he would lose face over the whole debacle, he hid behind both the Pan-African and the rainbow flags.

Did Jussie Smollett direct the scene for crying wolf? Did Jussie Smollett direct the scene for crying wolf?

The details of the story seem so sketchy that the producers of Empire (2015-) may consider running an offshoot of the show based solely on this case. The noose, and the bleach, and the Nigerian brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, and the check paid to them for $3,500, and the camera mounted on the wall all seem like fodder for a captivating Web miniseries at least. What star would play the formerly victimized and then accused figure? The results would be interesting. Smollett is among the millions of millennials who have witnessed great upheavals in this world. From the events of September 11, 2001 to the financial crisis of 2007-2008, this generation has witnessed some of the worst periods in world history. At the same time, they’ve seen the best in how a billion people have arisen from poverty globally over the last 30 years and how confidence in the American way of life has soared. Now, take all of that and consider Mr. Smollett. From January into Black History Month, he found himself embroiled in the case that might be the OJ Simpson trial for kids who may have been too young to understand the ramifications of that trial at the time or were not even born yet. His actions may just cost him a few years behind bars and a hefty fine to accompany that sentence. Smollett’s story seems funny in the light because he is like a boy who orchestrated crying wolf. It is like he directed a television script himself. All of the props and camerawork seemed to mesh together to form a compelling drama. And the entire case itself would have had Shakespeare or August Wilson searching for a pen and paper. Smollet’s minuscule shred of dignity that he is clasping like the edge of a cliff hangs over his head. He should know that this is now a worldwide case with serious implications.

The label of “hate crime” ought to be extinguished.

The more that one observes the facts of the series of absurd events, one is able to glean just how inventive (allegedly) Smollett is. As a creative person, he possesses the keys to formulating plots because he is accustomed to taking part in them on the screen. If it comes out that Smollett did, in fact, arrange for this fiasco to occur, it will be a blow to blacks, gays, and anyone who has respect for law and order. And for LGBTQ to push against Smollett because of he would potentially take away from “hate crimes” is absolutely ridiculous. There is no such thing as a “hate crime.” There are only crimes. If a straight white man shot another straight white man in the head and left him for dead, that would be a crime. But if someone slit a black girl’s throat and wrote KKK on her face with white paint, that would be a “hate crime”?! Both infractions of the law should carry the same weight regardless of what alleged “hate” was perpetrated by the attacker(s). The “hate” connected to crimes should only be incidental not a direct motive or cause. As an anti-concept, the notion of a black or Greek, or transexual individual being the victim of a crime is cheapened. A “hate crime” doesn’t exist because the idea of someone being prosecuted for a slur or marking or anything else other than one human being seeing justice for the physical harm of another human is what should be evaluated. Because there is no such thing as this anti-concept, LGBTQ individuals ought to focus on strengthening their efforts to fight crime in any of its forms and do away with the “hate crime” anti-ideal.

Did Jussie Smollett do too much?

Smollett’s claim for innocence is the dwindling piece of twine that could unravel and point out that the whole time he was actually lying (allegedly). It appears that he didn’t want to make a great deal about the whole matter yet disparate parts of the world are locked onto to this story. It all started with a late night excursion to a sandwich shop that went horribly wrong. Some say that it was a drug deal gone bad. That is just conjecture. The reality is that this semi-star, a grown man of color may have behaved badly. He may have paid off two Nigerians to stage the entire scene outside that frigid night in Chicago, Illinois. For all of the fuss over whether Smollett had “fought back” the questions remains: who was he fighting? Who were these phantom assailants that supposedly attacked this young man?

Smollett found himself in a whirlwind. He rose up against the naysayers and expounded upon the fact that he was blameless for the blowout. At one extreme, when the story first broke in January 2019, heaps of support and praise laid at Smollett’s feet. He reveled in the fact that legions of people held his name up high as an example of what a strong, gay, black man should be. In a few week’s time, that advocacy turned to suspicion of his character and animus towards his wayward actions (allegedly). It is with the law courts that Smollett must now contend with folks who will see the leaks in his story and try to shipwreck him. Smollett’s inability to recognize the truth may land him in territory out of which even Jesse Jackson won’t be able to retrieve him. It is true that he did too much in the fact that he kept the world in suspense and folks scratching their heads wondering what was the truth. Smollett brought all of the negativity upon himself throughout the case. For him to square the evidence that the police found against him with his word only shows that he is inexperienced with the law. The evidence of the check written by Smollett demonstrates the shady dealings that went on during the scene in the cold.

The black community should shame Smollett, too.

As an individual who has a hue and hair texture like Smollett, African Americans should hold this man accountable. Like LGBTQ, they still cling to the idea of community over individual. Now is the time for all of that to change. The sovereignty of the individual ought to be at the forefront of all of the actions that should arise from this affair. Smollett has upset enough people to warrant him a shaming, whether he is guilty or not. On the strength that he has lead thinking individuals around a briar patch should justify a campaign to shut down Smollett. Let the facts speak, not public opinion. He has caused so much disarray within Hollywood, the Chicago area, and American and the entire earth. Instead of embracing this alleged deranged man, black Americans especially should rally against him. Every ounce of his being ought to be brought down to the lowest levels using superb discourse. Thought ought to continue to be the way for Smollett to face what has transpired in nearly a month’s time.

It is justice that Smollett be discarded from the final two episodes of ‘Empire.’

Smollett’s dream job on the set of Empire may soon come to an end. As a result of the hooting and hollering that has gone on, the actor has spoiled the milk that nourished him. Smollett envisioned a time where a gay black man would be in a position of power on a network television platford. For all his hopes, he will see them dashed come the ending of the fifth season of the show. When he was presumed innocent and a victim of this crime up until the Chicago police presented evidence that Smollett had lied, the young actor was riding high. Now, with his high profile case that has ballooned into a media circus, he must meet the gravity of his situation. There is no one to blame (allegedly) for his attack. His cunning and guile prompted him to set up the entire scenario (allegedly). He keeps saying that he is innocent but the proof refutes those yelps of moral and judicial cleanliness.

As he picks up the pieces of what is left of not only his career and livelihood but his life, Smollett must stand up and be a man and take the truth as it lies. As he is cast out from the cast of the second highest rated drama of Fox’s schedule of shows, in the least he ought to seek psychiatric help to allow him to understand what pain and suffering he has caused people who propped him up as an ideal actor. Gay and black men probably watched him on that show and held onto some inkling of what they could do with their lives. Young African Americans strode out of the closet based on the courage that impelled them to make it clear to everyone their disposition based on his character. Now his character has prompted them to turn their backs on him and never again show allegiance to an alleged fraudster and a cheat.

For the producers on Empire to nix Smollett’s role on the series shows some backbone for the media figures. Though he may not be ultimately written out from the show, this is a seismic shift for the network. Smollett is now going to have to deal with the fallout of a possible loss of sponsors and lower ratings due to his alleged actions. He may be presumed innocent, but the entire spectacle is rife with fallacies, presumptions, and dead ends.

Jussie Smollett will have to put up quite the defense.

Smollett’s defense team seems to have strengthened in the weeks since the initial incident. Todd Pugh, Victor Henderson, and Mark Geragos seem to be the “Dream Team” to debunk the myths surrounding the case and keep Smollett’s name from being further tarnished. These attorneys said that it will be an “aggressive defense” to clear Smollett of all charges leveled against him. Smollett ought to be planning to speak on his own terms during the trial. He should be able to pinpoint exactly what happened that night and not leave out a single detail. If the lawyers are supposed to uphold not just their client but the truth, then Smollett will have to provide them with the facts only. There ought to be no dilly dallying about this process. Smollett’s defense is that he was accosted by MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat wearing lunatics out to fight him over his race as well as his sexual orientation. Through all of the proceedings, Smollett ought to impart the truth with the evidence that has been used against him. If he has nothing to worry about, then he should be able to account for the various bits of evidence that the police found. He should be able to face a judge and jury and single out what the individuals did and the way that he was treated.

To go through the process of the law, Smollett will have to be battle ready and answer the questions like a man. If he so much as slips up or experiences a false sense of what happened, it will be all over for him. With evidence mounting, Smollett may not have the chance to switch up his story and add more fuel to his dimming fire of innocence.

Smollett takes on the media.

Smollett is out on bail (for now).

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Is Jussie Smollett the Spokesman for Millennials?
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