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Heaven In Hell: Chapter 17

Chapter 17

IMPORTANT: *This is a sample of my book I published in November, Heaven In Hell. I would like feedback and if you would like to read more, I can post another chapter.*

As I start walking home, a black BMW slows down and pulls up next to me. My heart starts pounding. I pick my speed and start nearly jogging home. There is no way in hell I'm about to let some creep kidnap me.

I start thinking about all the things that could happen right now. I could be killed or jumped. Maybe even both. In fact, it could be a family member of Mr. Patterson or somebody that saw me that night other than the girl that was with me.

The car stops and pulls over, parking. They turn the car off. Oh god, they are going to start chasing me.

"Damn it, Heaven! Stop running!" Andrew yells.

I stop dead in my tracks when I hear his voice. My heart is racing faster now. It could pop out of my chest any second. I try moving my feet but can't do it. I'm paralyzed. He's going to hurt me if I don't run. My mind is telling me to run and run now before it's too late but I can't. I'm trapped.

He scares me when he places his hand on my shoulder. I jump and let out a little scream. Instantly, I cover my mouth. He quickly takes his hand off of me. I think I scared him too.

"Fuck." He mumbles to himself. He grabs his hair and starts tugging at it like he always does when he is stressed or in a tough situation.

He stands in front of me. "Please get in the car and let me take you home." His voice is soft.

"No." My voice cracks. "Get away from me. Please." My voice has desperation behind it.

"I'll take you straight home. I promise."

I shake my head constantly.

"Get in the fucking car Heaven!" He screams.

I jump and start crying. "Okay, okay, okay." My feet finally allow me to move. I rush over to his car before he starts getting even more mad.

He follows me over and opens the passenger side door for me. I climb in and buckle my seat belt. He gets in and starts the car up, taking off. I notice he doesn't put his seat belt on. I want to tell him to put it on, but I already know I should keep my mouth closed.

"What did Bailey talk to you about before class?" he asks.

I was scared he was going to ask this question. I swallow the nervous lump in my throat. I don't answer him. I can't. I might say something that will set him off.

"Heaven you better tell me right now." His voice is getting more demanding. "Do you really want to see me angry?"

You're already angry. How much more could you possibly get?

He pulls into my driveway and parks the car. "Fine. Don't tell me. Get out before I change my mind." He unlocks the car.

I listen to him and scurry out of the car and rush into the house. I slam the door behind me and lock it, breathing heavily.

"Hey honey, are you okay?" My mom walks up to me.

I can't tell her about what happened today. I can't tell her anything. She's going to tell my therapist I'm crazy and making up lies. She's done that before a couple years ago when I was fourteen. Said I lied about my cousin trying to touch me in bad places. I was known as a liar in my family for years.

 "Yeah, I'm fine. I really need to prepare for finals so I rushed home." I lied.  

I know after being accused as a liar, I shouldn't be lying now but I have my reasons. Some may understand others may not.

"Well I'm glad you're taking these finals seriously. Don't forget to take a break and stretch. Don't stress yourself out."

I smile before taking off to my bedroom. I get to my room and shut my door. I rest my head against the door. I try to calm my breathing and anxiety from being with Andrew.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and start to dial Silver's number.

My phone is snatched out of my hand and thrown across my room. A hand comes up and covers my mouth. The other hand locks my door. They spin me around and pin me against the door.


I start crying and shaking. He makes me emotional, extremely emotional. But today he just scares and probably for the rest of my life.

"Shh, shh baby it's okay." He brings his hand up and starts petting my hair down. "I'm going to pull my hand away now. You're going to be quiet, right?" I nod.

He slowly pulls his hand away, almost afraid that I may scream. "That's my girl." He smiles.

That smile I use to love. I was always looking forward to seeing that smile every morning when I woke up. I even dreamt about his smile. Now it's different. His smile haunts me. It's not a nice smile. It's a hurting smile. A smile I'm afraid of.

"Now didn't I tell you in the beginning that you can't get rid of me now?" I stare at him, not answering. "Remember at the café?" I just blink back at him. He laughs a haunting laugh.

 "Tell me what Bailey told you," he demands. I don't say a word. "You really want to play the silent treatment game Heaven Elizabeth Johnson?" I still don't say anything.

He shoves me against the door, making me hit my head. I wince in pain but don't dare to scream. His arm is over my throat, forcing me to keep looking at him.

"Did she tell you what happened in sixth grade?" My lips part slightly. He smirks. "She did."

I can feel my body temperature rising with my nerves. My heart still pounding. I can hear it in my own ears.

"I-I don't b-believe h-her." My stutter just keeps getting worse around him.

He shakes his head, "Yes you do because it's true. The dude can barely talk now. I got out of jail at the beginning of this January." He smiles as if he is proud of himself.

I'm not the one that is sick here. He is. I only kissed his step brother. I didn't try to kill someone, that he knows of. He will never know about that night. Nobody else can know.

He backs away, but not far enough that I could try to escape. He takes the back of his hand and caress my cheek. Meanwhile the pad of his thumb is wiping away the tears. Him touching me is making me want to cry more.

"I want you to stay away from me." I get brave enough to say.

He chuckles. "You can want that all you want, but it's not going to happen. You're stuck with me." He pulls me into a one arm hug and reaches in his back pants pocket and pulls something out. He brings the item to my neck. It's a pocket knife. The blade is cold against my skin.

"You're not going anywhere correct?"

"I'm not going anywhere." 

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